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Poultry medicine?
– Wildlife (a, b, c)?

Handout from the Personal Support counsellor about Exam-stress and Failing

(previous lectures in 2016/17: 1st lectureBullying and mobbingppt)



Education is not received. It is achieved. (Anonymous)

Below you find the core subjects listed along with their contact-hours. Do allow lot of time for autonomous student learning, e.g. some 3h reading around each lecture material, 4h self-study for each practical and a lot of time for revision for the exam.  
Great emphasis is placed on your own reflective learning. For his reason, several hours each week are not timetabled as classes or specified teaching and learning activity. Nevertheless, we encourage you to use the time productively in preparing on a regular basis for classes, reading and other activities that contribute to your learning. 

Medical check prior to farm-visti and/or mobile clinic (semester 8th, 9th and 10th)

Timing of the Academic Year 2018/19

Timing of the Academic Year 2017/18

Timing of the Academic Year 2016/17
Timing of the Academic Year 2015/16

Information about the student-status

List of recommended textbooks

Curriculum (list of) core subjects 2017/18
ECTS introduced in 2016, ECTS for electives

Topics of core subjects
Exemptions from compulsory subjects

Obligatory attendance

Examples for electives
Registration for (elective) subjects via NEPTUN-System
(How many electives have you got already?)

Guide for the exam-registration in the NEPTUN-System
(When it is about a re-take exam from an earlier semester you have to get registered first for the subject it self – like for electives.)

Exam regulations for the Academic Year 2017/18
Please note: a registration for each exam (also postponed ones and re-takes) is required via Neptun, if not indicated otherwise by the department.

Limitations for enrollment

FAQ – frequently asked (study-related) questions

Disciplinary regulations (updated in August 2009)

Teaching staff for international students

Info about library-services

Search and read from home: access all the databases, e-journals and e-books on your home computer (information from and about the library)
List of publications from the year 2015

– Veterinary Ireland membership – special fees for students of 1st-4th and 5th year, respectively
– Wildlife volunteering programmes in South-Africa (1, 2, 3, 4)
– Sea turtle rescue in Greece (1, 2)

Thesis, State exams

Thesis-topic to be indicated at registration for the 9th semester in September

Thesis anouncement-form
Should you have had a presentation at the TDK, plese submit the declaration.

Guide for the thesis (2015)
Guide about  "How to write a thesis" updated (July 2012)
(How to write a thesis? Your guide.)

Dear Graduting Students,

congratulation, you've done it – you became a veterinarian! 
Great, but there are some administrative steps you MIGHT have to take while you are still in Budapest after graduation … (And here is the official info on legislation.)
Should you require a „Letter of Compliance” (indicating that the Budapest-curriculum is accredited by the EU and meets the set requirements) …, application form for it