Division of Biochemistry

Last change: 28.03.2017 16:31
NameDivision of Biochemistry
Head of UnitNeogrády Zsuzsanna
Address1078 Budapest István u. 2.
Postal address1400 Budapest Pf. 2
Phone+361 478 4157
Fax+361 478 4165
Extension+361 478 4100 / 8431, 8430
LocationBuilding C ground-floor


The Division of Biochemistry is responsible for teaching Veterinary Biochemistry 1-2. in Hungarian, English and German language. The staff of the Division also takes part in educating Biologists (BSc and MSc level) and helding elective courses (Pathobiochemistry and Gene technology) in Hungarian, English and German.

All the actual information regarding Veterinary Biochemistry can be found on the own webpage of the Division: www.biochemvet.hu

Own homepage