Experimental Farm

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NameExperimental Farm
Head of UnitSinka Anett
Address2225 Üllő Dóra major
Postal address2225 Üllő Dóra major
Phone+3629 521 360
Fax+3629 521 384
Location2225 Üllő Dóra major



History of the Department

The Experimental Farm of the Faculty lies 34 km southeast to Budapest close to the city of Üllő in an area of 1200 acres. The majority of the land is used for crop (alfalfa, hay, corn) and cash crop (sunflower, wheat, rye, canola, millet) production, the rest is for grazing.

Dóra-major became the experimental institute of the university in 1990 but was already functioning as an animal husbandry center for half a decade. The farm was named after Mr. Sándor Dóra who was a clay pigeon shooting champion and an agronomist.

The farm presents all segments of agriculture, such as:
? animal husbandry
? crop- and forage production
? equine artificial insemination station, equine center
? demonstration activities for veterinarians, school groups, families and the general public
? practice opportunities for Hungarian and foreign students

The farm has a diverse equine center that attracts visitors from all over the country. One of the associates is a leading equine veterinary specialist whose main work areas are semen collection and artificial insemination.

Dóra-major also provides practical training in dressage, show jumping and coach driving. The farm organizes horse competitions and provides boarding stables and training opportunities for horse owners.

As far as possible the farm breeds native species like cattle (Hungarian Grey and Hungarian Simmental), sheep (Hungarian Merino, Hungarian Black and White Racka, Ghymes Racka and Tsigai) and swine (Blonde, Red and Swallow-bellied Mangalitsa).