Department Animal Breeding, Nutrition and Laboratory Animal Science

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NameDepartment Animal Breeding, Nutrition and Laboratory Animal Science
Head of UnitGáspárdy András
Address1078 Budapest István u. 2.
Postal address1400 Budapest Pf. 2
Phone+361 478 4124, +361 478 4120
Fax+361 478 4124
Extension+361 478 4100 / 8600, 8630
LocationJ 301

History of the Department


Address: H-1078 Budapest, István utca 2., Hungary
Post: H-1400 Budapest P.O. Box: 2, Hungary
Phone: (+36-1) 478 4119; Fax: (36-1) 478 4128


Teaching of animal breeding and management as well as animal nutrition (?dietetics?) has been on the preclinical training programme of the Budapest Veterinary School from 1787.

The year 1873 marked a milestone in the teaching of animal husbandry since the first Department for this discipline was founded even at the Veterinary School in Hungary. At that time B. Tormay was appointed head of the department. After him K. Monostori, O. Wellmann, J. Schandl, Z. Csukás and J. Márkus headed the department.

In 1963, a new Department, of Animal Nutrition, was detached from the original Department of Animal Husbandry, with J. Márkus as its first head and A. Horn was appointed professor of Animal Breeding.

The staff of Animal Nutrition - under the leadership of J. Bokori (from 1974 till 1990), and later S. Fekete (from 1990 till 2004) - took charge of a two-term course on feedstuffs and general nutrition science. Since 1974, introduction to the special aspects of livestock nutrition (i.e. the nutrition of various animal species) has also been separated from the training program of the Department of Animal Husbandry and referred to the competence of the Department of Animal Nutrition.

After the retirement of A. Horn (1980), his two past students and co-workers, J. Dohy (from 1980 till 1984) and I. Bodó (from 1984 till 1997) were appointed heads of the Department of Animal Breeding.

In 1997 the two separated parts and the laboratory-group have been joined as the Institute of Animal Breeding and Nutrition under the leadership of I. Bodó. In 1998 S. Fekete became the head of the institute, and the ?laboratory animal sciene? was integrated into the series of disciplines. Hence the new name: Institute for Animal Breeding, Nutrition and Laboratory Animal Science.

Between 2004 and 2006 J. Szabó was the head of the institute followed by I. Hullár from 2007 till nowadays. The institute has 3 departments: Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics (head: L. Zöldág), Department of Animal Nutrition (head: I. Hullár), and Department of Laboratory Animal Science (head: S. Fekete).

The educated subjects are as follows.
- Veterinary animal breeding and genetics: in Hungarian (2 semesters), in English (2 semesters), and in German (3 semesters);
- Veterinary animal nutrition and dietetics: in Hungarian (2 semesters), in English (2 semesters), and in German (1 semester);
- Laboratory animal science: in Hungarian (1 semester), in English (1 semester).

The detailed information regarding teaching subjects are available under the name of the departments.