Institute for Biology

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NameInstitute for Biology
Head of UnitSzabó Péter
Address1077 Budapest Rottenbiller u. 50.
Postal address1400 Budapest Pf.2
Phone+361 478 4231
Extension+361 478 4100 / 8750

History of the Department

Brief history of Institute of Zoology/Biology and the zoology/biology training programs.

1993: Comittee for Preparing Zoology Training at the University of Veterinary Science is
formed (secretary: Dr. Béla Éliás).
1994: Establishment of the Zoology Centre (director: Dr. Béla Éliás) at the Rottenbiller
street campus.
Start of the zoology training program with 16 students.

1994 -1999: 3+2-year zoology training program with four specialisations:
? Animal Ecology
? Conservation Ecology
? Zoo management
? Microbiology

1997: Zoology Centre changes to Institute of Zoology (director: Dr. Béla Éliás).
1997: Establishment of Department of Ecology (head of department: dr. Erzsébet Hornung).

1999 -2009: 5-year zoology training program with three spacialisations
? Experimental Zoology
? Corservation Ecology
? Zoo- and game management biology

2000: University of Veterinary Sciences integrated into the Szent István University, as Faculty of Veterinary Sciences.

2006: Accreditation and establishment of the undergraduate biology BSc course based on the Bologna Process.

2009: Accreditation and start of biology MSc course based on the Bologna Process.

2009: Last graduating class of the original 5-year zoology training program.

2009: Name of the institute changes to Intstitue for Biology

Institute of Biology has four departments:
? Department of Ecology
? Department of Botany
? Department of Zootaxonomy (placed in the Hungarian Natural History Museum)
? Department of Hidrobiology (placed in the HAS Hungarian Danube Research Station)

Training programs of the Biology BSC and MSc courses are organisated with participation of some departments and teachers of the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences of the Szent István University.

Recommended schedules and materials of the courses are available at the Institute of Biology website