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The journal’s main objective is continuing education. This duty is fulfilled by informing about:

  • results of studies based on original examinations, mainly on applied research,
  • practical observations of veterinarians,
  • reports (reviews) summarizing international literature and/or Hungarian observations,
  • an increasing number of reports are published concerning the small animal practice segment,
  • reports reviewing and interpreting published regulations,
  • veterinary and food hygiene problems receive extra attention,
  • latest news, interesting and brief abstracts, information taken from foreign scientific and professional journals.

Besides the duty of continuing education, there are regular updates on the social life of the veterinary profession, i.e. four thousand Hungarian veterinarians, as well as their activities (local or national conferences, meetings, etc.). There is news published regarding the University, institutions, veterinary stations in the country, the Ministry and the new Hungarian Veterinary Chamber. Books and new proceedings are also reviewed.

There are regular updates published in black-and-white and color advertisements on veterinary products (medicines, vaccines, etc.) marketed in Hungary.

The journal is published every month.

Each article has a comprehensive summary (detailed abstract) in English.

Articles are extracted from and indexed in CABI (UK), Index Veterinarius and the Veterinary Bulletin, as well as the Institute for Scientific Information (USA), Current Contents and FO: VMTM.