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UNIVET Quarantine Diary Challenge – easier together

The outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic forced the world to react decisively and quickly, so what no one expected could happen: educational institutions were emptied overnight, and students were banned from universities. To replace the postponed university programs, the idea of a creative game, ​​the UNIVET Quarantine Diary Challenge was born, which was intended to entertain, activate and strengthen our community with the help of online platforms. The restrictions and the quarantine have caused frustration and sadness in many of us. A game that puts a smile on our faces and reminds us that there is a community we belong to and which is looking forward to our return after the temporary restrictions can be a life-saver.

The Facebook page of the university gave the platform for the challenge, which lasted 6 weeks with a new topic every week. Anyone could join the game who took a photo or video on the current topic and posted it on Facebook. The winners were selected by the audience, who voted by giving “likes”.

Below you can find the winners of the 6 topics, who have received UNIVET gift packages.

Thanks to all participants, hope you enjoyed the challenge! All images and videos we received can be found on the Facebook page of the university.


1st topic: Studying with animals – can you handle yours? – Dorottya Gulyás

2nd topic: Make your own Csatlós! – Virág Gruber

3rd topic: Stay fit during quarantine! – Friderika Szücs

4th topic: Beauty contest for notes – Ine Montgomery Eggja

5th topic: Quarantine Menu – Gábor Sipos

6th topic: Away, but still together! – Brigitta Nagy


Teaser from the pictures: