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Kulcsár Anna


Kulcsár Anna

Department of Physiology and Biochemistry
Position: research fellow
Division of Biochemistry
Position: research fellow
+361 478 4158
+361 478 4100 / 8432
Building C ground-floor, Room


Born.: Budapest, 14. August 1983.

2002-2007: SZIU Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, zoology
2013-: SZIU Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences

2007: SZIU Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, experimental zoology, cum laude

English, intermediate level (2007)

I am the member of the research group led by Dr. Zsuzsanna Neogrády since 2011. We study the effect of different epigenetically active molecules on histone-acetylation, CYP enzymes, and insulin cascade, in vitro and in vivo. We also participated in a research developing an in vitro enterohepatic co-culture model in cooperation with the Department of Pharmacy and Toxicology.I started my PhD study in 2013. My topic is: The epigenetic and metabolic effect of butyrate in the intestinal and extraintestinal tissues of broiler chicken. Within this framework I study the activity of intestinal CYP enzymes, and the insulin cascade in different tissues. The latter work is largely carried out in Hannover, in cooperation with the University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover, Department of Physiology (Prof. Korinna Huber). My supervisors are Dr. Zsuzsanna Neogrády and Dr. György Csikó.

Teaching activity:
I also participate in education activity of the Department since 2011. I involved in the biologist training giving lectures and seminars. And I lead veterinary biochemistry labs in Hungarian and English.

MTMT database:

Study abroad:
2013-2014: Hannover (1-1 months)
2013: Vienna (2 weeks)

Supervisor activity at Student’s Research Circle:
Antónia Lipták: Student’s Research Circle 2013

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