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Obligatory diagnostic and therapeutic activities (Clinical card)

To extend the students’ practical knowledge, the Department specifies what and how many diagnostic and therapeutic activities the students should take part in (with written documentation).


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1.1. These activities include all the fields of subject.

1.2. The obligation may be completed any time, continuously during semesters 7, 8 and 9; including the summer holiday.

1.3. Students may complete it during

a) the obligatory small and large animal duty system

b) the farm visits with the “mobile clinic”

c) voluntary participation in the clinical or scientific work of the small and large animal clinic or the Department

d) the 4 week practical after the 8th semester, or

e) anywhere (in Hungary or abroad) while doing voluntary professional activity,

but the cases seen during the practicals cannot be included.

1.4. The participation is certified on the clinical card.

1.5. The case and the person dealing with/supervising the case should be identifiable later (name of institution/farm, date, name of veterinarian / farmer, number of medical record).

1.6. The veterinarian dealing with/ supervising the case should also sign and stamp the card. Missing either the signature or the stamp, the case cannot be accepted.

1.7. Accomplishment of this obligation (clinical card) in a well documented way is the precondition of sitting to take the final exam.

1.8. The Department appreciates high level, documented accomplishment of the obligation (clinical card) and allows the student to sit for the correlating part of his/her practical exam. Fulfilling the obligations of each subject on the clinical card will not give any exemption from the practical part of the closing exam.

1.9. The fulfilled Clinical Card must be submitted on the day of the practical exam in the 9th semester. This is a prerequisite for sitting the theoretical exam.