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Bone and formalined specimen study, Dissection opportunity

update: 22nd of October, 2019

The Department offers a limited opportunity to study bones and formalined limb speciments in the dissection hall of building “E1” and formalined visceral speciment in building “P”, and to practice dissection  during the autumn Semester of the academic year 2018/2019. Dissection opportunity is limited for the inactive students only!

The Department offers a limited dissection opportunity for students preparing for Anatomy 3 final during the winter exam period of the academic year 2018/2019  in building “P”.

Instructor is not present during these occasions. The general rules and regulation apply (e.g. wearing white coats, prohibition of food + drink and image recording, etc.) Preparates must not be taken out of the dissection hall. The department has no possibility to replace damage/lost specimen. Bypassing these regulations, inappropriate behaviour or disappearing/damaging bones/specimen will result in the permanent suspension of such opportunities.

Bones, formalined musculosceletal + visceral specimen:

Between the 18th of September-11th of December, every Tuesday 13.00-19.00  in “E1” (except: 23rd of October)

During the exam period: 7th, 14, 21th of January (Mondays) and 8th, 15th, 22nd of January (Tuesdays). Building “E1”, always 11:00-15:00.


Formalined visceral specimen (for retake&inactive) and dissection opportunity for INACTIVE students:

2018. October 15. (Monday) 10.30-13.30; Building “P”

2018. October 29. (Monday) 10.30-13.30;  Building “P”

2018. November 5. (Monday) 10.30-13.30; Building “P”

2018. November 26. (Monday) 10.30-13.30; Building “P”

2019. December 3. (Monday) 10.30-13.30; Building “P”


Dissection opportunity for the final during the exam period:


10th of January. (Thursday) 11:00-15:00 building “P”

17th of January. (Thursday) 11:00-15:00 building “P”

24th of January. (Thursday) 11:00-15:00 building “P”

Note: since the University is closed for the Holidays, we do not receive carcasses between the 20th of December and the 5th of January, therefore we cannot offer exam dates and/or dissection opportunities for the first week of January.