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Consultations, autumn semester

update: 17th of September, 2019

The Department does offer some limited additional opportunity for students to study the bones and formalin-preserved organs and to practise dissection. Demonstrators will be present during the practice. Their job is to help the students and ensure compliance with the general rules of the dissection theatre. These general rules must be obeyed during consultations, i.e. wearing appropriate lab coats and attire, refraining from eating, drinking, recording etc.

Bones, and organs must not be taken out of the dissection theatre under any circumstances. The Department has no means of replacing damaged/lost specimens and thus students are asked to take great care with the specimens with which they work.

Failure to comply with these regulations, inappropriate behaviour or removal of specimens shall result in the suspension or termination of consultations.

Consultation for every English class:

Starting from the 2nd week of the semester (09.16) until the last week of the semester (13th of December).

every Monday between 14:15-17:00; Dissection hall of building E1.

Responsible professor: Dr. Diana HAZAI