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Sample exams: A1,A2 – Please note that these sample shell only demonstrate the common question types of the written exams. Their difficulty is much lower than the expected level for the exam.

Example questions for the anatomy III. theoretical entrance exam. Answer sheet.


Anatomy exam regulations video (not the full regulation!)

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General exam rules

Anatomy midterms

Anatomy 1 exam 

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Lecture slides and additional material:
Although you are urgently advised to take notes during lectures (to get the essence of certain chapters) and make use of several different sources to learn anatomy you might appreciate the collection below to make your start on this long road somewhat easier.

Anatomy II. ppts


Anatomy III.

Topographical Anatomy



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Cytology II. 



Respiratory organs

Female genital organs


Veterinary Profession

 Veterinary Profession
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Embriology/Deveopment of the Organs

Lecture slides

Quick, image based summaries:


Anatomy of birds:


Human anatomy (2018)


Lecturevideos 2023/2024

Anatomy 1.

2023.09.19 – Bones of the trunk (Reinitz L.)

2023.09.26 – Bones of the forelimb (Kapiller M.)

2023.10.03 – Bones of the hindlimb (Hazai D.)

2023.10.10 – Skull I.  (Kondor M.)

2023.10.17 – Skull II.  (Kondor M.)

2023.10.24 – Connection of the bones & Muscles of the shoulder girdle (Heinzlmann A.)

Lecture from last year: Connection of the bones & Muscles of the shoulder girdle (Reinitz L., Kapiller M.)

2023.11.07 – Muscles of the forelimb I. (dr. Hazai D.)

2023.11.14 – Muscles of the forelimb II. (dr. Hazai D.)

2023.11.21 – Muscles of the hindlimb I. (dr. Hazai D.)

2023.11.28 – Muscles of the hindlimb II. (dr. Hazai D.)

2023.12.05 – Muscles of the trunk (dr. Heinzlmann A.)

2023.12.12 – Static, dynamics (Reinitz L.)

Anatomy 3

2023.09.06 – Lymphatic system I. (Szalay F.)

2023.09.07 – Lymphatic system II.  (Szalay F.)

2023.09.13 – The neuron porinciple  (Szalay F.)

2023.09.14 – Brachial plexus  (Szalay F.)

2023.09.20 – Lumbosacralis plexus I.  (Szalay F.)

2023.09.21 – Lumbosacralis plexus II.  (Szalay F.)

2023.09.28 – Cranial nerves I-II. (Szalay F.)

2023.10.04 – Cranial nerves III. (Szalay F.)

2023.10.05 – Cranial nerves IV. (Szalay F.)

2023.10.11 – Cranial nerves V. (Szalay F.)

2023.10.12 – Cranial nerves VI. (Szalay F.)

2023.10.18 – Autonomous nervous system I. (Szalay F.)

2023.10.19 – Autonomous nervous system II. (Szalay F.)

2023.10.25 – Visual organ I. (Szalay F.)

2023.10.26 – Visual organ II. (Szalay F.)

additional video – Dissection of the eye (Heinzlmann A.)

2023.11.08 – Organs of hearing and balance I. (Szalay F.)

2023.11.09 – Organs of hearing and balance II. (Szalay F.)

2023.11.15 – Brain I. (Szalay F.)

2023.11.16 – Brain II. (Szalay F.)

2023.11.22 – Brain III. (Szalay F.)

2023.11.23 – Brain IV. (Szalay F.)

2023.11.29 – Brain V. (Szalay F.)

2023.11.30 – Brain VI. (Szalay F.)

2023.11.06 – CNS Pathways (Szalay F.)

2023.11.07 – Meninges (Szalay F.)

2023.12.13 – Hoof an mamillary gland I. (Szalay F.)

2023.12.14 – Hoof an mamillary gland II. (Szalay F.)

Anatomy 2.

2023.02.07 – Large vessels and circulation (Szalay F.)

2023.02.14 – Heart (Szalay F.)

2023.02.21 – Arcus aortae, vena cava cran. et caud. (Szalay F.)

2023.02.28 – Vessels of the Head and neck (Szalay F.)

2023.03.07 – Urinary organs and female genital organs (Reinitz L.)

2023.03.14 – Male genital organs (Reinitz L.)

2023.03.14 – Kidney dissection (Reinitz L.)

2023.03.21 – Oral cavity (Heinzlmann A.) – not accessible du to technical reasons. Similar lecture from 2021 is here.

2023.03.28 – Pharynx, oesophagus, stomach (Hazai D.)

2023.04.11 – Comperative anatomy of the intestinal tract (Hazai D.)

2023.04.18 – Liver, pancreas, spleen, blood supply of the intestines (Hazai D.)

2023.04.25 – Respiratory apparatus (Kondor M.)

2023.05.02 – Blood supply of the forelimb (Hazai D.)

2023.05.09 – Blood supply of the hindlimb (Hazai D.)

2023.05.16 – Serosal duplicatures (Hazai D.)


Topographical Anatomy.

2023.02.22 – Canine forelimb (Szalay F.)

2023.03.01 – Canine hindlimb (Szalay F.)

2023.03.08 – Canine head (Szalay F.)

2023.03.29 – Equine limb 1. (Reinitz L.)

2023.04.19 – Equine limb 2., equine head (Reinitz L.)