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Anatomy Final Online rules

The process of the online Anatomy Final under the curfew – technical description


updated: 2020.05.04 ( 4.: 12 min);

  1. The students can see an electronical exam in Neptun that refers to the Entrance exam. If this is successful (see §6.), the oral part is next immediately after.

1.1. As announced in the Department’s Exam Regulation in September 2019, every student have to sit the Entrance exam first, independently from their student status.

1.2. The successful Entrance Exam is valid for that day only. Any next attempt of the Anatomy Final (regardless of the reasoning) must be started with a new entrance exam.

  1. The 15 minutes interval visible in Neptun shows the time-frame available to START the Entrance exam. Students who do not start the exam within this period will receive a “Did not show up” evaluation in Neptun and will lose the exam chance.
  2. The entrance exam has 3 pages each with 5 single choice questions (4 options, 1 is good). The student cannot return to the pages they closed (left). The Department will not accept any complaint based on this.
  3. The student has 12 minutes to complete the entrance exam.
  4. The student will not receive their result immediately upon finishing the exam, it will be available for them in appr. 30 minutes.

Explanation: While the system is capable of the automatic and immediate evaluation of the test, the Professors of the Department will manually supervise the automatic correction of every single Entrance exam due to the high stakes (because of possible errors in the answer sheet, translation, typing, grammar etc.). Special attention will be given to those tests where only 1 point is missing from the passing grade.

  1. A total of NINE (9) good answers are needed for passing the entrance exam.
  2. The failing grades will be registered into Neptun immediately, so that the affected students can sign up for the next exam quickly.

7.1. Signing up for the exam on the following day will be technically possibly in most cases but we cannot guarantee that.

  1. No review is possible for the Entrance exam. Related questions, notes, possible complaints should be sent to dr. Laszlo Z. REINITZ in email.
  2. The oral part of the final exam is processed on MS TEAMS software in the form of a video-call.

9.1. Students, who passed the Entrance exam will be invited into a Team called “ANATOMY FINAL” on the surface of MS TEAMS software.

9.2. Students are asked to proceed into the ANATOMY FINAL channel within this group if that does not happen automatically.

9.3. If the student fails the oral exam, or it is terminated without a passing grade for whatever reason, the next attempt of the student will start with an Entrance exam under every circumstances. (see: §1.1.).

  1. If a student is not invited into the group in MS TEAMS and also does not receive a failing grade on Neptun within half hour after completing the Entrance exam, they should contact dr. Laszlo REINITZ via E-MAIL.
  2. Students waiting on the channel will be called into a conference-call by the examining professors one-by-one.
  3. In most cases there will be one examiner and maximum four examining students simultaneously in one conference call.

12.1. In some case additional examiners from the Department may be join the conference-call as well.

12.2. We are asking the students to wait patiently for the call. Depending on the number of examiners and students present, there may not be enough places for everybody in the conference call at the beginning (see §14).

12.3. If the student does not reply, the call will be repeated (by the same examiner) two more times, with at least 5, maximum 45 minutes intervals.

12.4. If there is no reply for the 3rd call as well, the student will be removed from the channel, will receive a “Did not show up” evaluation in Neptun and will lose the exam chance.

  1. The students SHOULD NOT DISTURB the examining teachers during the exam with messages or calls! The teachers will NOT reply for these, not even after the exam.
  2. After the exam the teacher will register the result in Neptun and will remove the student from the MS TEAM channel. The exam-day is over once every student was removed from the channel, so that it is impossible to forget anyone.
  3. Once the connection is stabilised, the teacher and the student mutually confirm the appropriate image and sound quality:

15.1. They can see each other’s face and mimics well.

15.2. They can clearly understand each other, there are no annoying background noises (e.g.: other person or radio).

  1. The teacher notifies the student about the possibility of recording video or sound about the exam. This will not happen in every single case, but the teacher has the right to start the recording anytime without further warning.

16.1. The recording can be used only to evaluate complaints about that specific exam.

  1. Before picking the topic the teacher will ascertain the circumstances are appropriate and regular to proceed with the exam:

17.1. The student must have an ID with a photo available to show it upon request.

17.2. Both ears of the student must be clearly visible without any tool in it.

17.3. The examiner asks the students to share their desktop using the “Share Screen” button on Ms TEAMS. The following application may run/windows may be opened on the desktop:


The current Anatomy Final topic list (in a separate PDF file or in the browser)

-The browser with one page for the Google random number generator (type „random number generator” into the search bar on, see IMAGE.

17.3.1. If other pages or applications are opened/running, the exam cannot continue until they get fully terminated.

  1. The student will receive their topic number using the aforementioned random number generator. They should set the “Min” value to 1 and the “Max” value to the numbers of topic in the next topic list (e.g.: first it should be 31 for the “A” than 23 for “B” etc.). Pushing the “Generate” button ONCE will provide the student with the topic number.

18.1. As announced in the Department’s Exam Regulation in September 2019, every student have to use the topic list published in 2019.

18.2. Students, who passed the Anatomy of birds and/or Development of Organs elective subjects before the day of their anatomy final are exempted from the corresponding topic list/lists (“E”; “F”).

18.3. The teacher will notify the student if the given topic is already being processed by another student in the same conference call. In this case the student must generate a new number.

18.4. Both the teacher and the student write the topics down, and then the student closes both the topic list and the random generator, and then stops the screen sharing (returns to normal conference call mode).

  1. During the preparation for the exam the student must take a poisture to meet all the requirements below::

-Face well visible

-Both hands are continuously well visible

-There is no gap between the edge of the table and the body, or the table is made of glass

19.1. Only the following object may be present on the table:

-pen, pencils




-empty A4 sheets

-analog watch

19.2. In case of doubt the teacher will ask the student to clarify the issue/issues. If that is not happening or not possible, the exam will be terminated with a failing grade due the suspected cheating!

  1. Preparation

20.1. The student has at least 40 minutes for preparation.

20.2. The student must not mute their microphone or the teachers voice fully.

20.3. If the teacher suspects cheating, they may ask the student to:

-raise their arms

-rotate the camera

-increase the microphone input level

-share the desktop again

-anything else that may help to dispel suspicion

20.4. If the student does not grant these IMMEDIATELY the exam will be terminated with a failing grade due the suspected cheating!

  1. The teacher will ask the student to start the exam.

21.1. A minimum of 40 minutes preparation must be given to the student.

21.2. The teacher may give the student further time for preparation, but if the 40 minutes minimum is over, the teacher may insist starting the exam.

  1. The oral exam processed as a regular oral exam.

22.1. If the image quality is good enough, the student can show their drawings, sketches that they created during the preparation or the exam.

22.2. If needed, the student or the teacher may open the “Share screen” option to use simply drawing softwares.

  1. If the connection brakes and it cannot be restored within 2 minutes, the exam terminates but the student does not loose exam chance.

23.1. The Department may offer a new date for the student if the ones currently available are to far away or full.

23.2. The new exam means repeated entrance exam drawing new set of topics.

  1. At the end of the exam the teacher should register the note in Neptun and should remove the student from the channel.
  2. The teacher may ask the one before the last student to remain online and on the channel to avoid the last student staying on-on-one with an examiner.
  3. Any complaint should be filed according to the standard exam regulation of the University.