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CoVid regulation 2020

Changes in the exam regulation during the period affected by the coronavirus curfew in the spring semester of 2019/2020.


updated: 2020.05.13 (topo consultation moved) 2020.05.04 ( 2.2: 12 min); 2020.04.28 (6.); 2020.04.21 (2.1.-2.7.; 3.1.-3.8.)

1. Practical exams of Anatomy 1, Anatomy 2, Anatomy 3 and Topographical Anatomy are suspended. Those, who have a practical exam next are allowed to sit the corresponding theoretical exam.

1.1. Upon completing the next theoretical exam, students are allowed to skip the next practical exam as well and proceed with the following theoretical exam as long as the signature of that subject was provided to them earlier.

1.2. All skipped practical exams will have to be completed in the standard order once the curfew/quarantine is over. The completed theoretical exams will remain valid, therefore some students may have to pass more than one practical exams after each other.

1.3. Once the situation returns to normal, the standard order of exams will be reset again. Therefore students who does not have the practical exam passed will loose their chance to sit the theoretical exam, even if they were allowed to sit it during the period of curfew.

1.4. Students on retake, inactive and 2-in-1 programs will be given an opportunity to sit the missing A1, A2, A3 and Topographical anatomy practical exams between the 31st of August and the 11th of September.

1.4.1. These students will be able to proceed with those practical exams, for which they completed the corresponding theoretical part.

1.4.2. There will be two options for students, who skipped the Anatomy II and III practical exams as well but completed the Anatomy III oral exam:

A: They can register for an Anatomy III practical exam between the 31st of August and the 11th of September. This exam will start with an entrance exam as described in sections 1.5.1; 1.5.2; 1.5.4

B: They can go inactive on the Anatomy II and Anatomy III practical exams. In this case they have to complete them independently following the normal regulation (§1.6.2).

1.4.3. More information on the dates will be provided through this surface and the class representatives as soon as possible.

1.5. For the regular Anatomy II students, who passed the Anatomy II theoretical exam during the current semester’s exam period (2019/2020 summer exam period) the Anatomy II practical exam will be reduced to a pin-test on bones and formalined specimen (visceral organs + heart). The same applies for retake/inactive students, who need to pass the A2 practical exam in the August/September exam period.

1.5.1. The pin-test will be performed on 4 tables, 10 structures/table (40 structures together), 6 min/table, 60% passing grade total (24 points total)

1.5.2. One table on bones (skull included) the other three tables are on formalined specimen (genital organs included).

1.5.3. There will be a non-compulsory opportunity to pass this in November and another in December (for regular students).

1.5.4. Those, who fail/miss these will have to complete it as an entrance exam before their Anatomy III practical exam during the 2020/2021 winter exam period (valid for regular students). As this will be viewed as an entrance exam, students who do not pass the Anatomy III dissection exam following this, will have to resit it during their next attempt. Students who do not pass this (independently in November/December or together with their Anatomy III practical exam during the exam period) until the 31st of January 2021, the normal Anatomy II. practical exam (entrance exam+dissection) will be reset after the 1st of February 2021.

1.6. Students, who did not pass the Anatomy II. theoretical exam by the end of the summer exam period of 2020, will have to go inactive or will have to retake Anatomy II.

1.6.1. These students will NOT be allowed to sit the practical exam between the 31st of August and the 11th of September.. (refer to 1.4.1.)

1.6.2. Inactive and retake exams will be processed as normal exams, no special rules.

2. All retake/2-in-1/inactive Anatomy III oral exams will start with an online entrance exam, similar to the normal entrance exam.

2.1. Each student will get a randomized test, different from the others.

2.2. The electronic entrance exam is 12 minutes long.

2.3. The entrance exam consist of 15 single-choice questions (each with 4 answer options, 1 good answer) divided into 3 pages (5 questions each).

2.4. After finishing (leaving) a page, it is not possible to return!

2.5. Those who pass this will proceed with the oral Anatomy III final through MS Teams. The standard topic list (A-F) will be valid and an online random generator will be used to select the topics.. Exact technical details will be published as soon as possible.

2.6. Each examiner will be in connection with 4 students at the same time, of whom 1 is examining, the others are preparing. Rest of the students will have to wait for their turn to pick topic.

2.7. Once the topics were selected, if the connection brakes, the exam is invalid. The student does not lose the opportunity but they will have to resit the entire exam (entrance exam included) on another date. If this happens twice, the exam chance is lost too.

3. All written exams will be processed online, via Neptun.

3.1. The time frame in Neptun (e.g.: 9:00-9:15) indicates when the student can START the exam. Missing this will result in loosing the exam chance.

3.2. Students sitting at the same time will have different exam tasks.

3.3. The question types will be similar to that of the normal written exams, so active answering, single-choice questions, multiple choice questions, images, etc. Please refer to the standard sample tests.

3.4. The exam will be divided into pages, each containing multiple questions about a given part of the curriculum.

3.5. After finishing (leaving) a page, it is not possible to return!

3.6 The same exams will have the same time-limit and setup.

3.6.1. Anatomy 1 and Anatomy II exams are 60 minutes long.

3.6.2. Topographic anatomy exams and exams on elective courses are 30 minutes long

3.6.3. The Department will provide information about the general setup of each exam until the 30th of April.

3.7. Correction is semi-automatic and may take more time than usual.

3.8. No reviews are possible.

4. Those sections of the Anatomy II. that are listed for May (genital organs) in the curriculum are not going to be asked during the theoretical Anatomy II exams of the extended summer exam period of 2019/2020.

5. Students are given the following consulation options on MS Teams during the summer exam period.

Anatomy II: Dr. Reinitz – each Wednesday between 11-13 o’clock

Topographical Anatomy: Prof. Szalay – each Tuesday between 15-17 o’clock

6. The technical description and rules for the Online Anatomy Final exam are available on a separate page