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Thesis subjects

Thesis/TDK subjects

Department of Veterinary Forensics and Economics

Academic Year 2021/22


Dr. László Ózsvári

Practice management:

  1. Business plan to start up a new (small, mixed, large animal) practice
  2. Practice management features (ownership, finance, price policy, service profile, marketing) in vet (small, mixed and large animal) practices

State veterinary medicine/food-chain safety:

  1. The prevalence and legal aspects of prophylaxis of contagious animal diseases

Animal health economics/Agraeconomics:

  1. Economic aspects of herd health management and contagious animal diseases (swine, poultry, cattle, sheep, goat, fish)


Dr. Csaba Csintalan

Forensic veterinary medicine:

  1. The veterinarian’s ethical liability
  2. The veterinarian’s liability for the damages
  3. The veterinarian’s criminal liability


Dr. Marietta Máté

 Practice management

  1. Return of female vets to the labour market after maternity leave


Budapest, 1. September 2021.


Dr. László Ózsvári

Assoc. Prof., Head of Dep.