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Animal Nursing elective informations

2023-2024/2 semester – Informations about the „Animal Nursing elective”


You can spend the practical week at the University’s Theaching-Experimental Farm in Üllő Dóra major.


Here you can see the exact location of it, it’s in the neighborhood of the Horse and Large animal clinic, and I marked the meeting point on the picture below:

You can use your own car, or the University transfer bus  from the Istvan street campus (for actual bus informations check the ).


The Experimental Farm presents all segments of agriculture, such as livestock (cattle, sheep, horses, poultry and swine), crop and animal feed production, in this semester we are going to work together at our horse stable and intensive farming species (pig-poultry) farm, but we can visit the other species too.


During the practical you will join to the farm daily routine and the veterinary cases, treatments too.

The timeframe of the practical usually starts from 8 AM and it lasts to 3 PM (Monday-Thursday), Friday is a shorter day, it ends after the lunchbreak (inbetween 8:00 – 1:00 PM).


Between Monday-Friday you have an opportunity to sleep here at our new and modern student accomodation where you’ll get bedding/sheets and tableware (forks, knifes, spoons), or with your own car/university bus you can go home too, and see you next day at 8.00 AM.


On the first day we will wait for you between 8-9 AM at the entrance of the farm, and you can leave the farm at Friday (last day) 1PM after you write a (multiple choice) short test, and the weekend is free.

At the area of „Dóra major” there is no restaurant or any other opportunity to buy some food, just a pair of coffee, drink and snack machines at the Horse Clinic, but you can order the Daily menu (vegan, gluten free, lactose free too) from a restaurant, you will get from us a link one week before the start, where you can choose, and this lunch is paid by the University. There are more restrooms for the students too.

The lunchbreak is at 12 o’clock.

Please prepare with your own rubber boots or work shoes and work clothes for the practicals (not scrubs, just comfortable farm clothes).

If you have any important exams or midterm tests during the timeframe of the practical at the University Campus (Budapest), you can miss that part of the day, but please tell us before and rejoin after.

Please bring along your ID, Student card.


If you have any problem during the practical, we try to help you, but please contact your teachers or professors, and tell them you’ll spend your week at our experimental farm.

Our support e-mail adress:

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