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COVID-19 Information Distance education

Distance education


Dear Students,

As we have previously informed you, due to the spread of the Coronavirus students are banned from our school. Our University will provide distance education from Monday, March 16, 2020.

Teachers and staff at the University do their best to maintain high-quality education in this unexpected situation.

Online distance education will be provided through Neptun, and lectures and practicals will be available to download from the Neptun Meet Street interface.

Please find the interface guide on the following link: click here

Should you have any technical questions, please contact the IT department at [Click to see email].

Teachers are constantly uploading materials to the surface, thus most of next week courseware will be available, but not all of them. Practices and elective subjects will only be available from March 23.

Uploaded materials will remain available until the end of the examination period, after which they will no longer be available in the present form.

Teachers will provide 1.5 hours of weekly consultation for each language programs from March 16, 2020 on. Each department has to organize such consultation and they will provide the details, as well.

Please keep track of the materials provided to you and always follow the instructions of your teachers.

We kindly ask patience and support as we face unusual challenges and difficulties.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Péter Sótonyi