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Previous measures


Latest measures:

Based on the decision of the Operational Group, responsible for the control of the coronavirus epidemic in Hungary, the personal mobility restrictions were lifted in Budapest on 18th of May 2020. Rectors are allowed to make certain decisions regarding the restrictions in higher education institutions in the following period. The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest maintains protection measures in force regardless of the consolidation and urges its students, lecturers and staff to comply with the general epidemiological standards.

  • The spring semester ended on April 30, during the exam period, despite the release of some restrictions, our University will not change the previously developed online examination methods.
  • Students of the University can now enter the campus area in special cases (TDK, preparation of diploma thesis, demonstration assignments, administration) with strict adherence to epidemiological measures.
  • The student dormitory remains closed.

In Hungary, the number of coronavirus cases shows a declining tendency, and it is our common interest to keep it that way. Please continue to use hand sanitizers, keep a safe distance and wear a facemask when entering the University.

Concerning the epidemic situation of the Coronavirus, the University has taken the following measures in the past months:

  • The University provides distance education from 16th March 2020.
  • Rector ordered an education break at the University on March 12-13th 2020.
  • we repeatedly sent general informative mail about the most important facts regarding the virus to our students and employees,
  • we asked our students and employees to fill out a statement about their recent travels,
  • relating to those who visited countries affected by coronavirus we measured their potential connection with a detailed query,
  • coinciding with the national and international protocol, those students and employees who are coming from the most involved territories with the epidemic (regardless of nationality) and thus potentially threatened were informed and asked not to attend the University for two weeks,
  • frequent and thorough washing of hands is the most important way to protect against the virus, so we placed warning signs in public places all over the University
  • we replaced the normal liquid soaps with virucidal fluids with a higher disinfectant effect
  • we have also increased the number of daytime restroom cleanings that have been extended to disinfect door handles, doorknobs, elevators and all other areas that are actively used by our students and staff members
  • besides, there is disinfectant (hand sanitizers) liquid at frequently visited spots at the University
  • we recommend and ask anyone who feels any infection-related symptoms to stay at home as long as it is needed since any virus is much more dangerous to a weakened immune system and this way we can reduce the risk of spreading viruses.


Informative letter, statements and questionnaires sent by the University to students and employees:

Informative letter

Declaration of those who have not visited the countries at risk

Questionnaire and Declaration for those coming from countries affected by coronavirus

Recommendations and guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: