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Research group

Neurophysiology and Neuroendocrinology Research Group

Head of the research group:

Prof. Dr. Tibor Bartha

Members of the research group:

Dávid Sándor Kiss, PhD
István Tóth , DVM, PhD
Gergely Jócsák, PhD
Krisztián Németh, DVM
Daiana Alymbaeva, DVM, PhD-hallgató

Research field

The main line of our research is built around investigating mechanisms and phenomena involved in the central control of homeostatic processes. Within this frame, we examine how hypothalamic integration of endocrine and neuroendocrine regulatory processes occurs as a result of peripheral factors and inputs from higher brain areas. Among these processes, our major interest, on one hand, focuses on the regulation of reproductive function, metabolic processes, and that of circadian rhythm. On the other hand, we also examine how pathological consequences are developed by mean of external adverse effects (endocrine disruptors, metal oxides, etc.) and pathological events (e.g. hepatic encephalopathy, Azlheimer’s disease, obesity, etc.). Our investigations (both in terms of the central nervous system or other tissues) are mainly carried out by examining cell populations, or cellular and intracellular processes (mitochondrial metabolism, receptor expressions, proteomics, inflammatory processes, cell-cell interactions, tissue integrity, etc.) applying mainly molecular and imaging techniques.


International relations and cooperations

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