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Education Courses Basic Hungarian for International Students 1

Basic Hungarian for International Students 1

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Practical lessons
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Course description

Introductory course to the Hungarian language and culture

Practical lessons theme

Week 1: The alphabet. The vowel harmony. International words in Hungarian. Greetings.

Week 2: Pronunciation and spelling: The days of the week. Months. Numbers. Ordering a snack at the bar. Accusative: The ending –t.

Week 3: Introductions. The verb lenni (to be). Countries, nationalities and languages. The endings –ul/-ül ; -i; -ban-ben

Week 4: Food and drink. Shopping. How much is…? Measures. Pronunciation Practice.

Week 5: Conjugation of regular verbs. The infinitive. Culture: National Holiday on October 23rd.

Week 6: University words: The names of subjects and departments. Timetables. Time expressions.

Week 7: Weekly program. the endings  -kor, –tól/-től; -ig. The irregular verbs jönni, menni.

Week 8: Places in Budapest. Where can you…? – the auxiliary verb lehet. The endings –ban/-ben, -n/-on/-en/-ön/

Week 9: Postpositions alatt, fölött, előtt, mögött, mellett, között. Giving directions to buildings/departments of the Faculty.

Week 10: Grammar practice, listening comprehension and pronunciation excercises. Culture: 5-minute-presentations by students

Week 11: Jobs. The business card. Saying phone numbers and addresses.

Week 12: Revision and Practice. Culture: Winter holidays in Hungary. Songs, food and traditions for Christmas.

Week 13: End-term test


Evaluation description

Practical course grade based on:

Regular attendance and active participation

Delivering a 5-minute presentation about a chosen aspect of Hungarian Culture (in English)

Written exam at the end of the term

excellent: 90%

good: 80%

satisfactory: 70%

passing: 60%