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Education Courses Basic Hungarian for International Students 2

Basic Hungarian for International Students 2

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Practical lessons
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Course description

Second semester of an introductory course to the Hungarian language and culture.

Practical lessons theme

Week 1: Revision of language points from the Basic Hungarian 1. course.

Week 2: Things in the classroom. The plural –k. The negative sentence.

Week 3: At home: Rooms and furniture. Things we do at home. Conjugation of the irregular verbs enni, inni.

Week 4: Household appliances and technical problems. Possessive endings in Singular.

Week 5: Conjugation of regular verbs with –s, -sz, -z roots. Culture: Holidays in Spring.

Week 6: Animal names. Revision of postpositions. The use of endings: Hová? –ba/-be, -ra/-re. Hol?: -ban/-ben, -n, -on,-en, -ön. Honnan?: -ból/-ből, -ról/-ről.

Week 7: Revision and practice. Irregular verbs: conjugation of the irregular verbs jönni, menni.

Week 8: Getting around: means of transport. The ending –val/-vel.

Week 9: Revision of time expressions: hétfőn, ősszel, tavasszal, januárban…

Week 10: Timetables – pairwork, daily and weekly programme.

Week 11: Grammar practice, listening comprehension and pronunciation excercises. Culture: 5-minute-presentations by students.

Week 12: Questions, question words. Revision and Practice.

Week 13: End-term test

Evaluation description

Practical grade based on Fulfilment of the Course Requirements:

  • Regular attendance and active participation
  • Delivering a 5-minute presentation about a chosen aspect of Hungarian Culture (in English)
  • Written exam at the end of the term

excellent: 90%

good: 80%

satisfactory: 70%

passing: 60%