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Education Courses Basic Hungarian for International Students 3

Basic Hungarian for International Students 3

optional C
Method of evaluation
practical grade
Year in the curriculum
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Practical lessons
veterinary (English)
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  • Vet EN

Course description

This course – like Basic Hungarian 1 and 2 – goes on teaching you the basic vocabulary and grammatical structures of Hungarian at a more advanced level, building on the knowledge and skills acquired in the first 2 courses.

Responsible teacher: Andrea BÁN ([Click to see email])

Practical lessons theme

Weekly schedule of lectures

Week 1

Revision of language items from the Basic Hungarian 1 and 2 courses. Summer holiday.

Week 2

Leisure activities. Questions. Pairwork: Favourite places in Budapest and at home.

Week 3

Likes and dislikes, plans. The auxiliary verbs „akar, tud, szeret, szeretne” (wants to do sg, can do sg, likes doing sg, would like to do sg).

Week 4

Meeting someone, getting to know each other. Indefinite and definite conjugation in present tense.

Week 5

Shopping for clothes. Revision of colours. Items of clothing. Definite conjugation – practise.

Week 6

Shopping for clothes – dialogues. Expressing wishes and suggestions with   -hat/-het

Week 7

Parts of the body. Looks. The possessive.

Week 8

Parts of the body of animals. Some symptoms of diseases. Dialogue: At the pharmacy.

Week 9

My family 1. Van/Nincs + possessive.

Week 10

My family 2. Irregular possessives, irregular plurals.

Week 11

Hungarian festive traditions. Use of the auxiliary verb „szoktunk”. Time expressions.

Week 12

Christmas traditions. The auxiliary verbs „kell, lehet, muszáj”

Week 13

Revision and practice. End-term test.

Evaluation description


Practical course grade based on:

Regular attendance and active participation

Written exam at the end of the term

excellent: 90%

good: 80%

satisfactory: 70%

passing: 60%