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Education Courses Biology of cereals

Biology of cereals

optional C
Method of evaluation
semi-final examination
Semester in the curriculum
veterinary (English)
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  • Vet EN

Course description

Responsible teacher (email): Dr. Vetter János ([Click to see email])

The object would like to present the cultural and cultivation background of the most important species of cereals, their utilization possibilities, their chemical composition, their nutritional and physiological effects. An important goal is to present the latest scientific results of the past half-decade, to have a moderate evaluation.

Lectures theme

1. Introduction, aims of the subject, requirements
2. Short history of cereal cultivation; importance today
3. Botanical characterization of cereals I.  the grass family
4. Botanical characterization of cereals, II.: wheat, rye, Triticale
5. Botanical characterization of cereals, III. Triticale, barley, oat
6. Botanical characterization of cereals IV. rice, corn
7. Botanical characterization of cereals V. Other cereals (Sorghum, Panicum, Setaria italica, Zizania aquatica)
8. Pseudocereals (buckwheat, Amaranthus, Quinoa)
9. Chemical composition of cereals I. Inorganic and organic components
10. Chemical composition of cereals II. Antinutritive substances
11. Utilization of cereals (for human consumption; for animals)
12.  Problems of uses based on new investigations I. Starch; enzyme inhibitors
13.  Problems of uses based on new investigations II. Glutens, Lectins and other affecting substances
14. Summary

Exam information

Written exam at the end of semester.