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Research Research teams HAS–SZIE Large Animal Clinical Research Group

HAS–SZIE Large Animal Clinical Research Group

RESEARCH GROUP LEADER: Dr. Ottó Szenci DSc, Dipl. ECBHM, professor, Doctor of Hungarian Academy of Sciences

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Professor: Dr. Ottó Szenci

Assistant professors: Dr. Orsolya Kutasi, Dr. András Horváth, Dr. Boglárka Vincze

Veterinarians (PhD student): Dr. Zsófia Bohák, Dr. Kinga Joó, Dr. Lea Lénárt, Dr. Zoltán Szelényi

Animal breeder engineer (PhD student): Luca, Fruzsina Kézér

Agricultural engineers: Levente Kovács, Mátyás Pálffy

Food engineer: Bernadett Kelemen


Analysis of stress in the last stages of pregnancy, during calving, involution, and milk production in dairy cows. Characteristics of uterine contractility and impact assessment of some uterotonics on bovine puerperal period. Examination of bacterial origin of clinical endometritis, in particular Haemophilus somnus and herpesvirus (BHV) 4. Increase the level of equine training and load capacity.  


Hungarian Association for Buiatrics

World Association for Buiatrics

The Hungarian Society for Animal Reproduction

Hungarian Association of Equine Practitioners

European College of Bovine Health Management

European College of Porcine Health Management

Federation of European Equine Veterinary Association



Agricultural Biotechnology Centre, Hungary

Kaposvár University, Faculty of Animal Science, Hungary

University of West Hungary

University of Liége, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Liege, Belgium

Utrecht University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht, the Netherlands

University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Austria

Washington State University, Pullman, USA



cattle, small ruminants, swine and horse health analysis

development of analysis to reduce livestock production losses

development of diagnostic tests for large animals (colour Doppler ultrasound, endoscope)

sport physiology medical examination in equines


Funding source

Project title and topic (date)

Amount (HUF)

OTKA Research Scholarship of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office

Evaluation of the physiological relations of calving assistance to improve vitality of newborn calves and to reduce parturition-associated pain in the dam and in the offspring


NTP-NFTÖ project by the Human Capacities Grant Management Office and the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities

Monitoring the peripartal period in dairy cattle to predict dystocic calving events


János Bolyai Research Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Studying the effect of coping style and calving assistance on autonomic nervous system activity, hormonal and behavioural responses of postpartum cows and their calves



Agricultural production and sales companies: Cattle and pig farms