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Állásbörze 2020 Kiállítók Tierklinik St. Veit – AT/Ausztria

Tierklinik St. Veit – AT/Ausztria

Tierklinik ST. Veit was established in 1988 in the far south of Austria, StyriaOur clinic was the first European veterinary clinic accredited according to the quality standard ISO 9001.  

The clinic was enlarged in 2004, now measuring about 1000m2. Today the Tierklinik St.Veit counts to the most modern veterinary clinics of Austria. The clinic is equipped with an ultrasound as well as a body X-ray, dental X-ray, portable X-ray camera, endoscopy and an advanced surgical department. The clinics own diagnostic laboratory ensures the fast and reliable preservation of tests. 

The department for pigs takes care of over 400 pig farms. The region surrounding the Tierklinik St. Veit is one of Austrians most beautiful regions. Due to the close proximity to Graz plenty of cultural offering as well as lively nightlife in the city is ensured.  

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„My start as veterinarian in Austria“- Lisa´s story  

I cried a lot when my dear cat Izmir passed away after being part of our family for more than 16 years. He was my companion and best friend of my entire childhood journey since I got him as a cuddly gift for my 4th birthday. Even though he was an overall healthy cat, a few animal clinic attendances were necessary during his lifetime. However, his death was inevitable. This specific event made me fully comprehend the fragility of life about which I never truly thought about before. All this aroused in me the desire to dedicate myself to medicineThis was the reason why I decided to peruse a career as a doctor. I made the decision to become not just any doctor but a veterinarian due to my adoration for peasant romanticism and nature. 

Soon I had to learn that there was little room for romanticism and petting zoo in my everyday life as a veterinary student. Most of my days consisted of studying subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Histology and (not to forget) Anatomy. However, soon the days of studying the underlying theory were over. Finally, the clinical training began which was a real pleasure.  

The day I received my diploma I remembered the animal clinic where I once did an internship. I loved it there. Back then, the clinic manager even asked me to apply for a job at their clinic after I was done with my degree. Moreover, that’s just what I did. I applied for the job and after an interview at the clinic in Austria I was hired immediately. My major worries about moving to a different country and finding a new flat were taken of my handby my employer straightaway. Promptly I was provided a wonderful flat for me and my mixed-bred dog Clea  

The first days at the clinic brought back lots of memories of my practical training period. The only difference was that I wasn’t the intern anymore. I changed the side of the fence. Experienced colleagues helped me during the first weeks in all areas of my new job. It made my induction a lot easier over all and I’m to the day grateful for the well-established team. I love the short 4 day weeks since I live far away from home. Having a full 3 day weekend instead of only 2 days makes it much easier to visit my family and friends every now and then.   

The clinic itself is modern with lots of medical and technological equipment that makes the everyday life in a clinic far easier. Especially the clinic management software is a great help. There you can enter medical history for the small animal clinic as well as the farm animals.  

I learned some amazing new skills form my colleaguMario, who is one of the best pig vets in Austria. I’d even call him a “pig whisperer” sometimes since he knows exactly how to find out the sick animal in a full pen of pigs. He not only thought me how to find a febrile pig with a thermal imaging camera, but also showed me how to asses the harmful flow of cold draft in the pig house.  

Even though I now mainly work as a pig vet, I have a broad knowledge about small animals. That is due to the intensive clinical rotation in the small animal clinic and in the diagnostic laboratory during my internship as a houseofficer. I love that since the knowledge about all the other departments boosts the confidence and good cooperation between all us colleagues.   

My next goal is the professional education as a pig specialist, which I can complete at the Tierklinik St. Veit. Further training and continuing education are the clinics top priorities 

I can only recommend you to join the team of the Tierklinik St. Veit especially if you’re interested in pig or small animal medicine. It’s a great place to work at!