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Állásbörze 2022 Kiállítók Biochem Hungaria Animal Health and Nutrition

Biochem Hungaria Animal Health and Nutrition

Biochem Zusatzstoffe Handels- und Produktionsgesellschaft mbH
Küstermeyerstraße 16 · 49393 Lohne · Germany


Feed Safety for Food Safety.

Biochem’s 300 employees firmly believe that when animals are healthy, humans benefit as well. That’s why they focus special attention on safe animal nutrition. The company covers the entire value chain: from the selection of raw materials to on-site sales and distribution. Biochem specialists regularly exchange information with farmers, the feed industry, universities and veterinarians. This is the best way to develop products that support animal health, meet the needs of agriculture and are tailored to market dynamics.

A full range of products to keep animals in top shape

In the late 1980s, Eckhard Thölke founded a company in Germany’s Oldenburg Münsterland region. The aim was to supply safe, efficient and sustainable animal feed. He recognized early on that intestinal health and nutrient efficiency are important for the welfare of animals as well as for environmental protection. With this in mind, he focused on the needs of farmers, veterinarians and feed mills worldwide and brought organically bound trace elements to Europe as early as 1991.

Today, Biochem provides a wide range of nutritional concepts for every livestock species, production segment and climate zone. From short-term, problem-oriented applications, to daily feeding, the range includes a broad spectrum of innovative products for intestinal health, toxin management, antibiotic reduction, feed safety, nutrient efficiency and immune stimulation. Customers can choose from powders, pastes, gels or liquids to ensure the right solution for each specific application. Biochem teams pay close attention to when it comes to meeting customer needs. That’s why they respond to individual requests and offer maximum flexibility with package sizes ranging from 50-g sachets to 1000-kilogram bags, and 10-ml bottles to 1000-liter IBCs.

Highest quality through continuous research

Quality and continuous research are at the heart of Biochem product development and production. Biochem feeding concepts are researched, developed and produced in Germany by  teams of scientists, animal nutritionists and practitioners. These operations are monitored by Alexander Wellinghof, Head of Quality Management, who ensures that the highest quality standards (incl. GMP+, HACCP, ISO 9001) are maintained worldwide. In the Biochem production facilities in Lohne, Germany, one can really sense how the “Feed Safety for Food Safety” mission statement is put into practice by employees every day.

Biochem products are not only tested for efficacy in-house. The company also works in cooperation with accredited laboratories and independent, renowned institutes around the world. Because the issue of animal nutrition is not local, it’s global – and this is part of the Biochem commitment.

Locally rooted, globally networked

This approach creates a secure foundation for the dynamic development of Biochem. Company headquarters are located in Lohne, Germany. From here, feed additives and supplements are supplied to more than 70 countries worldwide through 50 retail partners and 14 subsidiaries. Dr. Alexander Grafe, Executive Director of Sales at Biochem: “In Asia, Africa, Europe or South America, Biochem employees are personally available on site to serve customers across the globe. This is the best way to take local conditions into account and ensure optimal care for animals.”

To accommodate the company’s steady growth, Biochem is investing in the expansion of production and logistics capacities. Scheduled for completion in the second half of 2022, a 4,500 square-meter new building project launched in 2020 will significantly increase production capacity for liquid feed additives. The backbone of the facility is a tank farm with a volume of approximately 1,000 cubic meters and an energy-efficient, fully automated filling system. Eckhard Thölke, Biochem owner and CEO explains: “Our focus in building the high-precision filling system, which handles container sizes from 500 ml up to 25,000 liters, is on flexibility. This enables us to better support our customers in keeping with our commitment: Feed Safety for Food Safety!”

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