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Clinics Equine clinic Services Surgery and Ophthalmology

Orthopaedic ultrasonography

Our ultrasonographic unit, with a 8-12 MHz and a rectal 5 MHz head serves as an essential supplementary diagnostic aid leading to a more exact diagnosis in the field of lameness diagnostic in different areas, as tendons, ligaments, joints and the vertebral column.

Endoscopic examinations on the treadmill

This special diagnostic possibility is essential in diagnosing different dynamic upper airway diseases. The „Mustang 2200 High Speed“ treadmill can provide us the possibility to observe horses in motion, analyse the gait and lameness, measure „fitness“ and guarantee a smooth beginning of the reconvalescence period.

Radiological examinations

X-rays are performed using the Philips Easy Vision Computed Radiology System. Advantages of the system compared to conventional radiology are the better image quality, and possibilities of post procession storage in digital and printed form.

Digital luminescence radiography is easy to handle for educational purposes.

Computed tomography examinations

Images of the soft and bony structures of the equine head and extremities up to the hock and carpus can be provided by the Tomoscan AVPF CT apparatus in several different layers.

The 3D imaging is essential for planning difficult orthopedic operations and to visualise special structures.


Personal conditions and equipment are both present for adequate provision of ophthalmic patients and for educational purposes as well.

The development of large animal ophthalmology is a promising perspective from educational and research point of view as well at our large animal clinic.


Around the clock available emergency team (3 vets on duty) during the whole year serves to ensure an undisturbed ER medical attendance. A broad spectrum of planned operations consisting of arthroscopic, laparoscopic, fracture treatment, upper airway, soft tissue, gynaecologic and dental operations with a year by year growing number of patient material plays an important role in gradual education.