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Kungl Krisztina


Dr. Kungl Krisztina

Department of Clinical Pathology and Oncology
Position: assistant lecturer
+361 478 4132
+361 478 4137
Building A I. Floor


I graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Life Sciences, Wrocław, Poland. After graduation I stayed within the walls of my alma mater and working in the Department and Clinic of Internal Medicine, I was responsible teacher of Small Animal Clinical Nutrition and Fodder Higiene.

Currently – within the University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest – I work at the Department of Clinical Pathology and Oncology. Being responsible for the teaching work of the department I am the contact person for students. I also take part as guest vet on duty in the ambulatory and ICU work of the internal medicine part of the Small Animal Teaching Hospital.

Even here in Hungary the love of diets and nutrition has not left me, I still give nutrition advices and formulate diets for cats and dogs.


My everyday work is built up from 3 major components – clinical work, teaching and research activity. My clinical work is conducted in the Small Animal Clinic of the Budapest Vet. Med. Faculty. – general internal medicine practice. My special interest lies in small animal clinical nutrition and laboratory diagnostics.