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News Animal breeding & nutrition photo contest

Animal breeding & nutrition photo contest

The Institute for Animal Breeding, Nutrition and Laboratory Animal Science announces its

Animal breeding& nutrition photo contest

for all the Faculty’s veterinary and biology students, in order to renew the illuminating posters in the stairway of ‘J’ building. The recent photos have been placed there more than 45 years ago, and even if they are well-composed and related to the theme, it’s time to replace them.

Application is available with self-made, well-documented photos. Name and e-mail address of photographer, exact time and location of capturing, breed and age of animal(s) on the photo, title and theme should be attached to the application. Educational comments (see example on the 2nd page) are welcome. As the photos will have to fit into the showcases, they should be in landscape orientation 10:7 side proportion with a minimum of 1200 pixels size on the shorter side.

Photographers of those four photos that have been judged best will get a gift voucher for monetary value of 20.000 HUF, two big sacks of Hill’s premium dog and cat food, and their photos will be placed into the showcases in the stairway.

Photos sent for the contest will be used for educational purposes. Applicants signify their agreement in reference to this term by their application.

Applications should be addressed to the [Click to see email] e-mail address; deadline for application is 30-09-2015.

Winners will be announced online on 10-12-2015; prizes can be received after this date at Institute for Animal Breeding, Nutrition and Laboratory Animal Science (J-301).

We wish you lots of pleasant creative moments!





Name of photographer: Maróti-Agóts Ákos (e-mail address)

Date and time of capturing: 24-01-2004 13:07

Location of capturing: Hortobágy, Máta-puszta, calf stall

Theme: calf aged 2.5 month lying in front of a bale of straw

Breed: Hungarian Grey Cattle

Educational comment: Hungarian Grey Cattle breed is marked with white ear tag (instead of yellow) in virtue of a special permission