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Science is a bridge connecting across space and time

The Hungarian veterinary institution signed a cooperation agreement with the Hanover Veterinary College in 1978, which included a bilateral student exchange program. We are proud that this cooperation agreement and student exchange have continued uninterrupted for 45 years.


Invitation: 10th International Scientific Meeting

The early bird registration for the 10th International Scientific Meeting “Days of Veterinary Medicine” and 2nd European Conference on Veterinary and Medical Education 2024 is 1st of JULY.


Students’ secretariat

First time at the University can be an overwhelming experience for our students: a new environment, new faces, new classes, books and living away from home. But the Student’s...

International Relations

The international connections of the university are shown by bilateral agreements with other veterinary schools, membership in international veterinary organisations, activity in international projects but there are several other...


All the students work in small groups during the course at the on campus clinics, like: small animal clinic, food animal medicine, equine clinic or exotic animals department.