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The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest (hereinafter: University) conducts theoretically well-founded and practice-oriented training programmes in the areas of veterinary science and biology.

International recognition is a top priority for our University, therefore we constantly strive to provide an outstandingly high-quality education for our students. To that end, we specifically follow and comply with the recommendations and guidelines issued by such international accreditation organizations as the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA), European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE), as well as the Hungarian Accreditation Committee (HAC). Although our students are considered as the primary stakeholders in this process, our institution also lays great emphasis on understanding and fully satisfying the needs and expectations of other parties using the University’s additional services (veterinary clinic, diagnostics and laboratory services).

The University considers the achievement of the following goals as its priority tasks:

  • maintain a close connection between education and research to ensure that students are informed of the latest research findings, involved in research activities conducted in the institution as well as enabled to perform individual scientific (PhD) research;
  • publish new research findings in the form of scientific publications released to the widest possible international community;
  • constantly modernize the infrastructure for education and research;
  • make sure that the University’s management provides all the conditions for maintaining and constantly developing a quality management system that complies with the Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area – ESG, for all of the institution’s training levels, including the PhD programmes as well;
  • ensure that all University students are regularly involved in quality management activities;
  • make sure that all associates and the relevant third parties play an active role in the activities related to quality development;
  • ensure that all associates maintain high professional standards in their work, they strive for constant self-improvement, they are aware of and comply with the requirements defined in the quality policy;
  • make the Quality Policy public in order to allow access for all interested parties;
  • conduct a SWOT analysis to assess the risks, opportunities, strength and weaknesses to support the executive decision making process;
  • support academic integrity and freedom while also acting against fraud;
  • act against any kind of intolerance and discrimination against instructors, non-teaching staff and students alike;
  • ensure that the Quality Policy covers all outsourced, commissioned or any activities conducted by contributing partners.

The University’s management conducts annual executive reviews regarding the accomplishment of the objectives identified in the Quality Policy, compares the achievements to the findings of the SWOT analysis and determines the goals for the next period accordingly. These objectives are fundamental for the Doctoral School’s quality planning, and they clearly determine the guidelines for development.

The University is fully committed to ensuring that its name means a guarantee for the Hungarian and international users of its education services.


Budapest, 31 March, 2022



The mission of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest (hereinafter: UVMB) is to provide a flexible, internationally competitive education that meets the challenges of an ever-changing social environment and prepares graduates for their tasks in a knowledge-based society. Preserving the development path and cherishing the spirit and traditions of its predecessor institutions, the University’s vision is to play a cutting-edge role in Hungary’s academic (PhD) education and further training in the disciplines cultivated by its institutions and departments as well as to meet the demand for veterinarians and biologists in our society, both domestically and internationally.

UVMB’s mission is to satisfy the demand for professionals in Hungary and abroad as well as to function as a regional centre for scientific research, technology, innovation and development.

We aim to train intellectuals with a European mentality who are open and receptive to the issues of other disciplines, cultures and societies, able to formulate well-informed and forward-looking opinions, and actively seek to participate in the solution of societal questions.

In terms of transparent operation, UVMB follows the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area – ESG.

Bearing the general training objectives in mind and meeting the requirements of the European System of Evaluation of Veterinary Training, UVMB wishes to provide academic freedom for its students, allowing them to freely choose the necessary courses and instructors within the framework of their training plan and training levels. By conducting its scientific research activities, UVMB creates, develops and, through its training system, transfers the professional and cultural values that enable students to attain the required knowledge and skills of their particular areas, as well as to understand the ethical issues of our profession, thus allowing us to provide education and organized further training for cultivated veterinarians and biologists.

The University offers a theoretical and practical knowledge that ensures the expected high European level of Day One Competencies, enables graduates to professionally apply their theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of agriculture, animal husbandry, patient care, veterinary health management, animal welfare, food production, education and research as well as the utilization and further development of the latest scientific achievements. UVMB lays a special emphasis on promoting ethical conduct, developing an economically conscious approach and attitude, preparing students for leadership and public roles as well as to enrich language skills. The University aims to prepare its students for the preservation and rational management of natural resources, and for the protection of humanity, wildlife and the environment.

The school guarantees the freedom of education and research for its instructors and researchers, allowing them, within the framework of academic liberty, to freely pose independent experimental questions and, within the confines of the law, freely design their experiments, obtain their financial resources for research, submit applications and utilize their grants in line with the relevant requirements. The University also operates a doctoral school which provides the highest level of education within the institution, thus ensuring new generations of veterinarians and scientists. We help our students and instructors to establish and constantly develop academic connections in Hungary and abroad for their international mobility. We support the free flow of information and promote scientific cooperation.


Budapest, 31 March, 2022



Further quality related documents can be found on the intranet of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest, which can be accessed by students and staff of the University with Neptun or university e-mail codes.