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26/01/2022: What courses to sign up_spring term_2021_22? – a Neptun guide for core subjects sign up

11/01/2022: How to arrange payments in Neptun spring 2022  

(not for GIS-payments)


30/08/2021: a Neptun guide on listing all subjects/each term: What courses to sign up_fall term


How to start the Neptun registration in the beginning of the term: Neptun enrollment and (subject) registration guide


Guide to arrange payment if you pay it from Diákhitel:  Student loan_Diákhitel neptun guide 

In general, with all topics: Neptun user guide for students (2021)


17/11/2020 How to upload the thesis to Neptun? Guide for 11th semester students



Click here to start Neptun:

Signing up for exams will be via NEPTUN only. (Which dates are for you? Be aware of your student-status.)

Please do note, that deadlines for registraton, de-registration and modification of exam dates might be different for different academic subjects and even for different dates of the same subject. If not indicated otherwise the deadline is 10AM on the previous working day.

– Registration for elective courses
(How many electives have you got already?)

– Guide for the exam-registration in the NEPTUN-System
(When it is about a re-take exam from an earlier semester you have to get registered first for the subject it self – like for electives.)

For Students in their 11th semester: Neptun-info on exam registration