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About Us Students’ dormitory

Students’ dormitory

Director: dr. Szalay Ferenc

The dormitory – available to Hungarian and some ERASMUS-students – is situated in a suburban district. The four-storey building has a courtyard with one sports field, and a park. The present building named after a renowned veterinarian was built in 1972 with the help of the university’s students. The dormitory is managed by the director and a student committee of seven students according to the house rules of the dormitory. The seven students are elected by the residents of the dorm.

The three-bedded rooms have their own bathrooms and a balcony, and are very comfortable. Internet connection is also available in each room (3 lines). Also, there is one room for cooking and one for learning on each floor. The facility includes a computer room, a small gym, a buffet in the main hall, and a foyer equipped with a soccer and a pool table.

We can accommodate a total of 346 people. The dormitory can be easily reached by means of public transport in about 30 minutes (e.g. trolley No.80, bus No.32).

The lock-up time of the main door is 23.00 and it’s opened at 05.00 in the morning. (Keeping animals is not allowed.)

Budapest, 2nd January 2017

dr. Szalay Ferenc
Telefon: (1) 383 0356, (1) 363 4494
Fax: (1) 363 1477