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Student Support Services at UNIVET Budapest

Student Support Services at UNIVET Budapest

They say your university years are the best you’ll ever have in your life – and they certainly can be!

If you have any difficulties related to your UVMB studies, campus and student life, living in Hungary we are striving to provide the best service for you.

On this site, we deliver the most current, relevant and accurate information available at all times.

Welcome to the Student Support Services site!

As a UNIVET student, you are welcome to explore some of the support opportunities we offer whether you are seeking an answer to a specific personal problem or you are looking for new alternatives to improve your student life.

On the sidebar menu, you can choose from various topics based on your interest. You will find useful information regarding your stay in Hungary – how to apply for a student visa, to get a residence permit, etc – and we also provide you help to support your educational progress at UVMB and improving your mental health and well-being.

Feel free to e-mail your questions to us or set a personal appointment with our support staff members.