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“SAM-buddy” the peer-mentoring program

Welcome to the SAM-buddy peer-mentoring program

Recognizing the challenges of living abroad, we designed a unique peer-mentoring system for first-year students (freshers) named SAM-buddy peer-mentoring. It aims to assist new students on the 1:1 basis for the period of 8 weeks in the fall semester and an additional 6 weeks in the spring semester.

If you are new to this program we suggest you start by getting to know how this program works by reading the program basics. If you are ready to join the team, feel free to click on “become a buddy” icon.

Peer-buddy program basics – What you need to know about the eight-week-long program?

The program (Student Adjustment Monitoring – buddy program) integrates traditional and non-traditional technology-based support methods for peer-buddies (as we refer them mentors) to provide efficient and flexible mentoring to first-year students for the kick-off-period of school.

We designed SAM-buddy to work in one-on-one bases as well as in small group format. The technological platform provides a vast library of relevant information along with built-in fun elements mentors and mentees can enjoy as they walk along together in a period of eight weeks. In the spring term, the focus shifts to academics, how to be more productive in exams and studying in medical school.

We put this unique program together to be the least disruptive of your studies as a mentor, fitting in with your schedule and academic obligations. During both semesters, we will provide mentors with orientation training and supervision support. We, however, require mentors (peer-buddies) to take responsibility for their role as ambassadors of the University, to adequately respond to questions they may receive from their peer-buddy, and dedicate an hour of their time every week to meet with their mentee in person. We believe personal meetings do foster growth and adjustment more efficiently.

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