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Frequently asked questions & answers

How much time do I have to dedicate to Peer Mentoring?
From the beginning of your mentoring relationship, we ask you to meet with your mentee or buddy for about 1-2 hours per week. After the first few meetings, you may decide to have meetings differently depending on the needs of your mentee to make it more frequent. During busy periods, for example, midterms, you might not meet with your buddy as often but switch to keeping in touch via Skype or phone instead.

Is it paid?
Peer mentoring is voluntary. Peer Mentors, however, may gain recognition and various gift items

How many mentees will I have?
We try to allocate buddies on a one on one basis or up to three mentorees/mentor. This does depend on how many mentors we have in the given semester and the number of first-year students starting the university.

Will my mentee be from my own country?
Our mentor schemes are arranged so you may get the most suitable fresher according to your request.

When will I know who my peer-buddy is?
In late August or by September 1st. in the fall semester, and in the beginning of February in the spring semester you will be notified.

When will my first meeting be and how do I arrange it? We arrange this for you on the first face to face meeting in the first week. This is a good opportunity to introduce yourself and find out about your buddy. Mentors are expected to attend and meet their mentees thereafter regularly.

What happens next?
Arrange to meet up with your mentee throughout the program period based on the timetable you have received and support him/her, whatever works for both of you. We recommend you to have face to face meetings once a week.

Where should we meet?
Most people meet up in a local cafe or somewhere on-campus. Make sure you meet in a public place at first until you get to know your mentee.

How many times will we meet?
In the fall during the eight weeks hopefully at least eight times, and in the spring at least six times in addition to the events that are organized for mentors and mentees. It’s good to have meetings with your buddy in a group as well if you can arrange it, or even meet up with another mentor and his/her mentee. That way, the new students get more opportunities to meet others in the program.

Am I expected to become a real friend for my mentoree? No. The mentor-mentee relationship is a semi-professional one. You might not get on that well on a personal basis but can still maintain your mentoring role. However, many mentor-mentee pairings have led to firm enduring friendships being made. Keep in mind the SAM-buddy program is not a dating service.

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