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Student activities, programs

Student programs organized by the Students’ Secretariat

Student programmes for the fall 2022

Student programmes for the spring 2020


Each semesters we have usually 6-8 extramural activities such as field trips / outings to well-known Hungarian places, castles, landscapes to get aquainted with the countryside and what Hungary is famous of: sights, food and beverages.  We also organize quizzes: related to the university, Hungary and Budapest, typical Hungarian food and drinks. We have team building programs – especially useful for freshmen – like lasertag games, bowling, pool competition, escape room games.

Visegrád castle visit


Pálvölgyi cave visit


Tropicarium (Shark zoo) visit


Sirok castle visit


Spring in the Botany garden


Laposa Wine Estate in Badacsony


Hiking in Mátra hills


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