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Equus Days 2022

The Equus Days could finally return in 2022. This iconic event of the spring semester was pushed back into the online space for two years because of the coronavirus epidemic. Equus Days have been a tradition since 1975 that brings together different grades of veterinary students to have fun together before the exam period. This

Complete the AI challenge!

THE AI CHALLENGE IS OUR CHALLENGE Our purpose with the AI Challenge is to get at least of 1% of society, that is 100,000 Hungarian citizens to learn the basics about Artificial Intelligence by completing an online course, whereas 1 million of them should be introduced to the technology via exhibits, events, brochures, contests and

University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest signs letter of intent for five-year cooperation with two Chinese universities

Signed in October 2021, the purpose of the letters of intent is to develop the Chinese clinical veterinarian training programme by relying on the experience of the 235-year-old Hungarian veterinary education, with special regard to the medical treatment of pets, horses and farm animals as well as to launch joint scientific research projects and to help the exchange of scientific information between the institutions.

“We marvel at the things we work with” – Conversation with associate professor Dr. Bence Rácz

While many other scientific areas are studied through formulas, graphs and schematically described processes, histology opens up a magnificent world for you. “We can physically see and marvel at the things we work with,” says associate professor Dr. Bence Rácz of the Anatomy and Histology Department. Here’s an extract of our interview with him. I

Donations to support the implementation of a statue to commemorate Dr. Márton Galambos

As the only domestic institution of the internationally renowned Hungarian veterinary education, we have always devoted special attention to commemorating the great personalities of veterinary education. Throughout its 230 plus years, our university has given a great number of acclaimed professors and researchers to the veterinary science of Hungary and the world. Dr. Márton Galambos