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31 doctors were graduated at the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest

Happy faces and a celebratory atmosphere: 31 doctoral candidates participating in the English-language program, 10 Bachelor of Science (BSc) biologists, 4 Master of Science (MSc) biologists, as well as students graduating in swine health, small animal veterinary medicine, and experimental toxicology received their diplomas.

Remembering Marci the Cat

To honor Marci’s memory and the indelible mark he left on our hearts, we have decided to erect a statue in his likeness at a central location on campus where he always sat. We kindly ask for your support in making this project a reality.

Heroes’ Day 2023

On May 26th, the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest held its Heroes’ Day commemoration, where Dr. Judit Hammerstein, Deputy Director of the Hungarian National Museum, delivered a ceremonial speech.