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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (hereinafter the Code) of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Budapest (hereinafter UVMB) is a compilation of both personal and professional behavioural standards, a self-imposed system of values of UVMB.

The Code is applicable to employees of UVMB governed by service regulations and registered students of UVMB (hereinafter Employees and Students, respectively).

As laid down in the Code, a form of behaviour, an instance of expressing one’s views or a form of attitude is considered ethical if it serves to

·        increase the confidence of partners and clients in UVMB

·        promote the reputation of UVMB

·        aid in ensuring the transparency of academic and research activities

Laying down ethical norms governing behavior both within the walls of and when acting as representative outside UVMB serves to ensure confidence of parties in each other, reliability, credibility, integrity, objectivity and impartiality; to preserve existing organizational values and work culture at UVMB; to promote uniform conduct of Employees and Students; and to strengthen the existing positive image, unity, mutual responsibility and a sense of security. Ethical norms shall cover

·        lawful behaviour;

·        commitment to contractual obligations;

·        respecting one’s dignity and right to protection of personality, the prohibition of discrimination and harassment, insisting on impartiality;

·        warranting the right to represent interests and have freedom of expression;

·        ensuring a high level of expertise and professional reliability;

·        accountability and equity;

·        transparent, fair and professional administrative procedures, precise record keeping;

·        protection of classified and confidential information;

·        pertinent and honest communication;

·        and abiding by rules on conflicts of interest.

Apart from self-imposed obligations, the Code also gives certain rights to the Employees and Students of UVMB. It permits Employees and Students to carry out their activities in a way so that they can be held accountable morally as well, to refuse to complete unethical tasks or requirements without adverse consequences, to take action against them and to seek the opinion of the Ethics Committee in ethical conflicts.

In cases of harassment and bullying guidelines proposed in Annex 1 of the Code are to be followed.

Employees and Students of UVMB must become familiar with, accept and act according to the norms and requirements set out in this Code.

Requirements laid down in the Code serve as guidelines for Employees and Students of UVMB in situations where the behaviour to be followed when performing an activity or making a decision is not clear because there is uncertainty or a lack of clarity regarding either the course of action to take or the scope of certain regulations.

The behaviour of Employees and Students of UVMB is considered ethical if it agrees with the requirements laid down in the Code.

Employees and Students of UVMB are deemed to breach moral principles if they do not comply with the Code by infringing its requirements either intentionally or through negligence.

The management of UVMB is to set up and operate Ethics Committees to provide a forum for discussing and resolving disputes concerning ethical behaviour.

You can download the full Code of Ethics from here.