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Support programs for inactive students

UNIVET offers support workshops for inactive students to overcome the challenges of not attending classes regularly for an extended period of time, but wish to re-enter studies after successful completion of incomplete exams.

International students who acquire “inactive status” due to academic reasons often feel
isolated while preparing for their exams at home (back in their home country or here in Budapest) As week pass by it is easy to lose motivation, spend time wisely and constructively.

During the interactive workshops students learn about:

  • adaptive coping strategies deriving from inactive life-status – overcoming “fail”
  • strategies to improve academic and social relationships
  • time management techniques – adapting a self-monitoring system
  • building self-awareness to adequately cope with procrastination
  • overcoming stress and anxiety of multiple trial & error
  • how students can actively prepare for re-entry to academic and campus life
  • exploring career options, and discussing strategies to reconnect with veterinary

In the fall semester (2020/21) the next (free of charge) inactive workshop (consisting of 2 parts) is scheduled for

September 9. 13:00-15:30 (first segment) – topic: adaptive coping to overcome “fail” mindset in Kemény Armand Lecture Hall in building C.

September 16. 13:00-15:30 (second segment) – topic: coping with procrastination & preparing for re-entry in Kemény Armand Lecture Hall in building C.

To sign up fill in the registration form via this link