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The CEEPUS program aims to promote teacher and student mobility. Students can spend a study period abroad or teachers can undertake a teaching period at a partner university. These opportunities are designed to strengthen professional and personal relationships among Central European scholars empowering and developing Central Europe both in political and economical levels that way.

The CEEPUS International Agreement was signed in 1993 in Budapest by the relevant Ministers of Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, The Slovak Republic and Slovenia. Shortly after joined Croatia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro as well. There are currently 15 member countries of the program.

For more information:  
CEEPUS website
National CEEPUS Office


Partner universities of CEEPUS HR-0107 network

(VetNEST – Veterinary Network for Student and Staff Transfer):

Albania Agricultural University of Tirana
Austria University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
Bosnia and Herzegovina University of Sarajevo
Croatia University of Zagreb
Czech Republic University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno
Hungary University of Veterinary Medicine
Macedonia Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje
Poland Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences
Serbia Univeristy of Belgrade
Slovakia University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice
Slovenia University of Ljubljana



Applications have to be submitted at the home university with an online registration at the CEEPUS website. Applicants will receive information about their acceptance and scholarship from the National CEEPUS Office of the host country.

Grants in 2017/2018:

  • for undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students – 100 000 HUF          
  • for teachers with a minimum of 5 working day-stay and a minimum of 6 hour-teaching  activity – 125 000 HUF

Information package will be sent     

  • by the National CEEPUS Office concerning the scholarship and the obligation     
  • after getting in contact with the International Relations Office ([Click to see email]) information concerning professional program and other organizational matters will be sent by e-mail.

Letter of Confirmation
Letter of Confirmation will be prepared and stamped by the Faculty’s CEEPUS coordinator before leaving Budapest.



  Prices for 2018 for beneficiaries of exchange programmes:

  • Students: 22.650 HUF/month/bed
  • PhD students: 22.650 HUF/month/bed
  • Professors: 70.000 HUF/month/room
  • Lecturers/Assistant lecturers: 70.000 HUF/month/room
  • For renting a flat you can turn to ISS Budapest website
  • or check the Facebook page of the university website

The university has a cooperation agreement with the following hotels. Concerning booking please contact the Office of International Relations: [Click to see email].

  • Hotel Bristol**** where a single room is 57 EUR, a double is 64 EUR website
  • Best Western Hotel Hungaria**** where a single room is 59.00 EUR and a double is 69.00 EUR website