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Pilipecz Mihály Viktor


Dr. Pilipecz Mihály Viktor

Department of Chemistry
Position: Assistant professor
+361 478 4176
+361 478 4100 / 8483
Rottenbiller Streeet 50. 1st Floor, room 34/b


I was born in 1978. After Szent László secondary school, I completed the specialization in   pharmaceutical research at the ELTE TTK University and graduated in chemistry in 2001. I have been   working at the Department of Chemistry since September 2001. In 2010, I obtained the Ph.D. degree and  the position of university assistant professor. The subject of my doctoral thesis was the synthesis of   heterocycles with diverse nitrogen content. In my free time, I like to travel, read and cook.    Main research areas:    Push-pull alkenes and nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds.  
List of most important publications:

MTMT:  10023285

1. Mihály V. Pilipecz, Zoltán Mucsi, Péter Nemes, Pál Scheiber: Chemistry of nitroenamines. Synthesis of pyrrolizine derivatives,  Heterocycles2007, 71, 9, 1919-1928.
2. Mihály V. Pilipecz, Tamás R. Varga, Zoltán Mucsi, Pál Scheiber, Péter Nemes:  [3+3] Cyclization reactions of beta-nitroenamines and beta-enaminonitriles with alpha,beta-unsaturated carboxylic acid chlorides, Tetrahedron2008, 64, 5545-5550.
3. Pál Scheiber, Gábor Tóth, Mihály V. Pilipecz, Tamás R. Varga, Péter Nemes:  Chemistry of Nitroenamines. Part 2. Synthesis of Saturated Pyrrolo-pyrimidines and -pyrazines,  Heterocycles2011, 83, 9, 2001-2010.
4. Mihály V. Pilipecz, Tamás R. Varga, Pál Scheiber, Zoltán Mucsi, Amélie Fàvre-Mourgues, Sándor Boros, László Balázs, Gábor Tóth, Péter Nemes:  Reductive transformations of unsaturated azabicyclic nitrolactams,  Tetrahedron2012, 68, 5547-5553.
5. Mihály V. Pilipecz, Pál Scheiber, Zoltán Vincze, Tamás R. Varga, Gábor Tóth, Péter Nemes: One-pot reactions of nitroenamines with anilines and ethyl glyoxylate,  Tetrahedron2014, 70, 4355-4360.
6. Zoltán Vincze, Mihály V. Pilipecz, Pál Scheiber, Tamás R. Varga, Gábor Tóth, Péter Nemes: Simple route to multisubstituted tetrahydropyrimidines,   Tetrahedron2015, 71, 6135-6142.
7. László A. Kondacs, Mihály V. Pilipecz, Zoltán Mucsi, Barbara Balázs, Tamás Gáti, Miklós Nyerges, András Dancsó, Péter Nemes: Synthesis of Isoxazoline Derivatives Based on Nitrile Oxide Cycloaddition of Nitroso-Nitro-Enamine:  Eur. J. Org. Chem.2015, 31, 6872-6890.
8. Mihály V. Pilipecz, Tamás R. Varga, Péter Krall, Zoltán Vincze, Zoltán Mucsi, Ruth Deme, Pál T. Szabó, Péter Nemes:   Simple route to new oxadiazaboroles and oxadiazoles via amidoximes,  Synth. Comm2020, 50, 1712-1723.
9. Dániel Nagy, Mihály V. Pilipecz, László Kiss, Anna Alekszi-Kaszás, András Simon, Gitta Z. Schlosser, Péter Nemes, Tamás R. Varga:  Synthesis of 2-aryl-1,2,4-triazol-3-one derivatives from beta-nitroenamines,  Synth. Comm.2021, 51, 1956-1962.
10. Mihály V. Pilipecz, Tamás R. Varga, Zoltán Mucsi, Péter Nemes, Pál Scheiber:  New Synthetic Concepts toward Pyrrolizidines and Indolizidines,  20th International Congress on Heterocyclic Chemistry: Book of Abstacts2005, p. 130.



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