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Kövér Szilvia


Dr. Kövér Szilvia

Department of Biostatistics
Position: research fellow
Department of Zoology
Position: research fellow
Institute for Biology
Position: research fellow
+361 478 4255
+361 478 4100 / 8766
+361 478 4232
Rottenbiller street, Ground floor


I am Dr. Szilvia Kövér, a research associate at the Department of Ecology. I take part in the teaching of the field practice subject of the Biology BSc course, and I teach the subjects Evolutionary Biology, Genetics and Population Genetics and Modeling in the Biology MSc, and I participate in the lectures of the optional course “Sexuality in the Living World” and I give Informatics and Biomathematics exercises for the English-speaking veterinary students. . In addition to my higher education duties, I also participate in the Hungarian and English university preparatory programs of ÁTE. In my research, I deal with population biology, population genetics and biostatistics issues.

Main research areas:

  • survival estimation using the mark-recapture method
  • population-survival analysis (PVA) of the Carpathian basin bald eagle population
  • kinship and inbreeding estimation based on genetic data
  • genetic-based study of the pair selection system of bald eagles
  • prediction of the frequency of a mutant allele causing lysosomal storage disease in the American Staffordshire Terrier as a function of breeding policy

Topic management:

MSc students: 2

BSc students: 3

TDK theses: 2

PhD students: 2, of which 1 is a graduate (Dr. Edina Nemesházi, 2018)

Optional thesis topics:

Prediction of Lysosomal Storage Disease Mutant Allele Frequency in the American Staffordshire Terrier as a Function of Breeding Policy


2008- SZIE ÁOTK and Department of Ecology, University of Veterinary Medicine, scientific associate

2005-2007 Hungarian Museum of Natural Sciences, assistant museologist

1998-2005 ELTE TTK, Department of Plant Systematics and Ecology, postdoctoral scholarship holder

1992-1998 ELTE TTK, Department of Plant Systematics and Ecology, PhD Student

Publication list (Top 10):

Nemesházi, Edina; Fat, Silvia ; Bókony, Veronika Evolutionary and demographic consequences of temperature-induced masculinization under climate warming: the effects of mate choice BMC ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 21 : 1 Paper: 16 (2021)

Szabó, Borbála ✉; Lang, Zsolt; Fat, Silvia ; Bakonyi, Gábor The inter-individual variance can provide additional information for the ecotoxicologists beside the mean ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY 217 Paper: 112260 , 7 p. (2021)

Nemesházi, Edina; Szabó, Krisztián; Horváth, Zoltán ; Kövér, Szilvia The effects of genetic relatedness on mate choice and territorial intrusions in a monogamous raptor JOURNAL OF ORNITHOLOGY 159 : 1 pp. 233-244. , 12 p. (2018)

Nemesházi, Edina; Szabó, Krisztián; Horváth, Zoltán ; Kövér, Szilvia Genetic structure confirms female-biased natal dispersal in the White-tailed Eagle population of the Carpathian Basin ACTA ZOOLOGICA ACADEMIAE SCIENTIARUM HUNGARICAE 64 : 3 pp. 243-257. , 15 p. (2018)

Bokony, V; Köver, S; Nemesházi, E; Liker, A; Székely, T Climate-driven shifts in adult sex ratios via sex reversals: the type of sex determination matters PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B – BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 372 : 1729 Paper: 20160325 (2017)

Nemesházi, Edina; Fat, Silvia ; Zachos, Frank E ; Horváth, Zoltán ; Tihanyi, Gábor ; Mórocz, Attila ; Mikuska, Tibor ; Ham, István ; Literak, Ivan ; Ponnikas, Suvi et al. Natural and anthropogenic influences on the population structure of white-tailed eagles in the Carpathian Basin and central Europe JOURNAL OF AVIAN BIOLOGY 47: 6 pp. 795-805. , 11 p.m. (2016)

Kőrösi, Ádám ; Szentirmai, István; Batáry, Péter; Fat, Silvia ; Örvössy, Noémi; Peregovits, László Effects of timing and frequency of mowing on the threatened scarce large blue butterfly: A fine-scale experiment AGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT 196 pp. 24-33. , 10 p.m. (2014)

Szalai, Mark; Kiss, Joseph; Fat, Silvia ; Toepfer, Stefan Simulating crop rotation strategies with a spatiotemporal lattice model to improve legislation for the management of the maize pest Diabrotica virgifera virgifera AGRICULTURAL SYSTEMS 124 pp. 39-50. , 12 p. (2014)

Kőrösi, Á; Orvössy, N; Batáry, P; Fat, S; Peregovits, L Restricted within-habitat movement and time-constrained egg laying of female Maculinea rebeli butterflies OECOLOGIA 156 pp. 455-464. , 10 p.m. (2008)

Fat, Silvia ; Szathmáry, Eörs Evolution of Sex In: Reeve, ECR (ed.) Encyclopedia of Genetics London, United Kingdom / England, Chicago (IL), United States of America : Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers (2001) 952 p. pp. 881-890. , 10 p.m.

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