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Institute for Biology

+361 478 4231
+361 478 4100 / 8750
Head of Unit
Kosztolányi András
1077 Budapest Rottenbiller u. 50.
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1400 Budapest Pf.2


The Institute of Biology and its Department of Zoology are the center of university biologist training; the biology subjects half are taught by the staff of the institute/department. A comprehensive course on the subjects of the biologist training and within it the Department of Zoology description can be downloaded here. Other information about the biologist training can be found at

History of the Institute

Brief history of Institute of Zoology/Biology and the zoology/biology training programs.

1993: Comittee for Preparing Zoology Training at the University of Veterinary Science is
formed (secretary: Dr. Béla Éliás).
1994: Establishment of the Zoology Centre (director: Dr. Béla Éliás) at the Rottenbiller
street campus.
Start of the zoology training program with 16 students.
1994 -1999: 3+2-year applied zoology training program
1997: Zoology Centre changes to Institute of Zoology (director: Dr. Béla Éliás).
1997: Establishment of Department of Ecology (head of department: dr. Erzsébet Hornung).
1999 -2009: 5-year zoology training program
2006: Accreditation and establishment of the undergraduate biology BSc course based on the Bologna Process.
2009: Accreditation and start of biology MSc course based on the Bologna Process.
2009: Name of the institute changes to Intstitue for Biology
2023: Name of the Department of Ecology changes to Department of Zoology
2023: The Biology BSc is replaced with the English Zoologist Researcher 10 semester programme