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Institute for Biology

+361 478 4231
+361 478 4100 / 8750
Head of Unit
Dr. McDonald Grant C.
1077 Budapest Rottenbiller u. 50.
Postal address
1400 Budapest Pf.2

History of the Department

Brief history of Institute of Zoology/Biology and the zoology/biology training programs.

1993: Comittee for Preparing Zoology Training at the University of Veterinary Science is
formed (secretary: Dr. Béla Éliás).
1994: Establishment of the Zoology Centre (director: Dr. Béla Éliás) at the Rottenbiller
street campus.
Start of the zoology training program with 16 students.

1994 -1999: 3+2-year applied zoology training program
1997: Zoology Centre changes to Institute of Zoology (director: Dr. Béla Éliás).
1997: Establishment of Department of Ecology (head of department: dr. Erzsébet Hornung).
1999 -2009: 5-year zoology training program
2006: Accreditation and establishment of the undergraduate biology BSc course based on the Bologna Process.
2009: Accreditation and start of biology MSc course based on the Bologna Process.
2009: Name of the institute changes to Intstitue for Biology