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Jurkovich Viktor


Viktor Jurkovich

veterinary doctor, specialist in ruminant health
Centre for Animal Welfare
Position: Senior Research Fellow


Dr. Jurkovich Viktor was born in Orosháza, after his high school studies, he was admitted to the University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest in 1993. He graduated in 1998 and immediately after receiving his diploma, from January 1, 1999, he became a staff member of the University’s Department of Animal Hygiene, Stock Health and Veterinary Ethology, first as a PhD student and later as a department associate. He obtained his PhD degree in 2007, his habilitation in 2014, and his Master of Ruminal Health diploma in 2015. He is a member of the University’s Workplace Animal Welfare Committee, the European Animal Welfare College, and several professional organizations.

Main research areas:

  • Investigation of factors influencing the animal welfare situation of cattle herds (foot diseases, feeding and keeping errors, heat stress, etc.)
  • Examination of the octane, development and prevention of leg diseases in dairy cows
  • Methods of evaluating animal welfare in economic livestock herds
  • The occurrence of paratuberculosis and the possibility of protection against it in dairy farms


Workplace Time Post
Állatorvostudományi Egyetem, Állatvédelmi Jogi, Elemző és Módszertani Központ 2023- Senior Research Fellow
ÁTE (2016 előtt SZIE ÁOTK), Állathigiéniai, Állomány-egészségtani tanszék és Mobilklinika 2015-2022 Senior Research Fellow
SZIE ÁOTK, Állathigiéniai, Állomány-egészségtani és Állatorvosi Etológiai Tanszék 2011-2015 Senior Research Fellow
SZIE ÁOTK, Állathigiéniai, Állomány-egészségtani és Állatorvosi Etológiai Tanszék 2002-2011 department veterinarian
ÁTE, Állathigiéniai, Állomány-egészségtani és Állatorvosi Etológiai Tanszék 1999-2001 PhD student

Professional organization membership

Committee name Time Rank
COST Action CA21124 – LIFT: Lifting farm animal lives – laying the foundations for positive animal welfare; Management Committee 2023 member
European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine, Examination sub-Committee 2022 member
Magyar Állatorvosi Kamara 2021 member
European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine 2016 member
Magyar Állatvédelmi és Állatjólléti Társaság 2011 member
ÁTE Munkahelyi Állatjóléti Bizottság 2009 member
Magyar Buiatrikusok Társasága 1999 member

Number of thesis/TDK students to date

More than 100

Kovács Levente 2014
Vass-Bognár Barbara in-progress
Várhidi Zsóka in-progress
Cszirok Martin in-progress


Publication list (Top10)


  1. Vass-Bognár, Barbara ; Bakony, Mikolt ; Baumgartner, Walter ; Khol, Johannes Lorenz ; Jurkovich, Viktor: Association between calf rearing technology and farm-level paratuberculosis infection in Hungarian dairy farms. PREVENTIVE VETERINARY MEDICINE 207 Paper: 105719 (2022)
  2. Bakony, M; Kiss, G ; Kovács, L ; Jurkovich, V.: The effect of hutch compass direction on primary heat stress responses in dairy calves in a continental region. ANIMAL WELFARE 30 : 3 pp. 315-324. , 10 p. (2021)
  3. Bakony, Mikolt ; Jurkovich, Viktor: Heat stress in dairy calves from birth to weaning. JOURNAL OF DAIRY RESEARCH 87 : S1 pp. 53-59. , 7 p. (2020)
  4. Jurkovich, V. ; Bakony, M. ; Laky, E. ; Ruff, F. ; Kézér, F.L. ; Bende, A. ; Kovács, L.: Cardiac vagal tone, plasma cortisol, and dehydroepiandrosterone response to an ACTH challenge in lame and nonlame dairy cows. DOMESTIC ANIMAL ENDOCRINOLOGY 71 Paper: 106388 , 12 p. (2020)
  5. Jurkovich, Viktor ; Könyves, László ; Bakony, Mikolt: Association between feed sorting and the prevalence of metabolic disorders in Hungarian large-scale dairy herds. JOURNAL OF DAIRY RESEARCH 86 : 2 pp. 162-164. , 3 p. (2019)
  6. Kovács, Levente ; Kézér, Luca Fruzsina ; Ruff, Ferenc ; Szenci, Ottó ; Jurkovich, Viktor: Association between human and animal thermal comfort indices and physiological heat stress indicators in dairy calves. ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH 166 pp. 108-111. , 4 p. (2018)
  7. Kovács, L ; Kézér, F L ; Kulcsár-Huszenicza, M ; Ruff, F ; Szenci, O ; Jurkovich, V.: Hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal and cardiac autonomic responses to transrectal examination differ with behavioral reactivity in dairy cows. JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE 99 : 9 pp. 7444-7457. , 14 p. (2016)
  8. Kovács, Levente ; Kézér, Luca Fruzsina ; Jurkovich, Viktor ; Kulcsár-Huszenicza, Margit ; Tőzsér, János: Heart Rate Variability as an Indicator of Chronic Stress Caused by Lameness in Dairy Cows. PLOS ONE 10 : 8 Paper: e0134792 , 13 p. (2015)
  9. Kovács, L ; Jurkovich, V ; Bakony, M ; Szenci, O ; Póti, P ; Tőzsér, J.: Welfare implication of measuring heart rate and heart rate variability in dairy cattle – Literature review and conclusions for future research. ANIMAL: THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ANIMAL BIOSCIENCES 8 : 2 pp. 316-330. , 15 p. (2014)
  10. Kovács, L. ; Tőzsér, J. ; Szenci, O. ; Póti, P. ; Kézér, L. F. ; Ruff, F. ; Gábrielné-Tőzsér, Gy. ; Hoffmann, D. ; Bakony, M. ; Jurkovich, V.: Cardiac responses to palpation per rectum in lactating and non-lactating dairy cows JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE 97 : 11 pp. 6955-6963. , 9 p. (2014)