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Sós Endre


Sós Endre

Department of Exotic Animal and Wildlife Medicine
Position: clinical veterinarian
Rottenbiller street 80

I graduated from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest in 1995 and started working as a clinical veterinarian at the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden in December of the same year. Since 2003, I have been the head veterinarian and head of the Veterinary and Conservation Department at the insitution, and since 2017 the Director of Conservation and Veterinary Services. In addition to my work at the Budapest Zoo, I am also one of the veterinarians of the Budakeszi Wildlife park and I work as an international consultant for zoos and private breeders. In 2012 I completed my PhD on the subject of “Common Buzzard medicine”.

Aside from working as a clinician, I have been actively involved in EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) and have served as a member of the screening committee both in Hungary (zoos in Győr, Jászberény, Veszprém and Nyíregyháza) and internationally in countries across the European continent (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Sweden, Belgium, Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Poland). I have also consulted in the field of zoo planning and management in Romania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Algeria.

In 2007 I received the Pro Natura Award from the Minister of Environment and Water in Hungary not only for my extensive work in wildlife rescue, but also because I was part of the research team which managed to bring to life the first and second baby Southern White Rhinoceroses through assisted reproductive techniques and artificial insemination.

Areas of research:

– pachyderms (elephants, rhinoceros)

– raptor medicine

– wildlife anesthesia