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Theses in progress

Supervisor Titel Student
Nikoletta Hetényi Impact of nutrition on canine behaviour Thea Ohr
Nikoletta Hetényi Noninfectious diseases of captive reptiles Lisa Bonaci
Nikoletta Hetényi Health survey of pet guinea pigs in Norway Elena Olsen
Nikoletta Hetényi Dental diseases in rabbits: malocclusion and their consequences Melina Berger
Nikoletta Hetényi Effects of varying dietary protein level on the growth and life span of house cricket Nahaji Péter
Nikoletta Hetényi Effects of dietary inclusion of yellow mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) larvae meal on fish production Paula Wissel
Nikoletta Hetényi Insect-based dog and cat foods Kiss Luca
Letícia Moravszki Equine oral joint supplements sold on the internet Tamara Abela