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Rácz Bence


dr. Rácz Bence

Ph.D., teacher with habilitation
Department of Anatomy and Histology
Position: associate professor
Position: senator
Building E I. Floor 104.



1993-1998 József Attila University, Szeged – Biology (M.Sc.)
1998-2002 Szeged University, Szeged – English (B.A.)
1999-2003 Szent István University, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Budapest – (Ph.D. )

Previous positions
2006 – 2009 OTKA postdoctoral research fellow, Szent István University, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Budapest
2002-2006 Postdoctoral research fellow – Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, School of Medicine, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
2001-2002 lecturer, Szent István University, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Budapest


Further studies:
2000 IBRO Summer School, Tihany, Hungary,?Functional anatomy and evolution of complex integrative centres of the CNS: approaches and facts?
2001 FENS/IBRO Summer School, Sulejow, Poland, ?Receptor Activation and beyond?
2001 FENS/IBRO Winter School, Kitzbühel, Austria, ?Structure and Formation of neuronal representation?
2008 PENS Summer School, Bordeaux, France,?Mechanisms and development of synaptic transmission: from receptors to networks?

Membership in Scientific Societies:
Hungarian Neuroscience Society
Hungarian Anatomical Society
Hungarian Society for Microscopy
Society for Neuroscience
Cajal Club


  • 2006 OTKA postdoctoral fellowship
  • 2009 Elektronmikroscopy Award, Hungarian Society for Microscopy
  • 2009 Lenhossék Mihály Award, Hungarian Anatomical Society
  • 2011 Bolyai János Research fellowship – Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • 2015 Prof. Bertalan Csillik Award –  Hungarian Anatomical Society
  • 2016 Bolyai János Research fellowship – Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • 2018 ÚNKP Bolyai+ research scholarship – Ministry of Human Capacities

International collaborations:
Richard WEINBERG (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC, USA) – Electronmicroscopic structure of the excitatory mammalian synapses
Scott SODERLING (Duke University, NC, USA) – Structural background of neuropsychiatric diseases
Tamás HORVÁTH (Yale University, CT, New Haven, USA) Energy metabolism and the role of the hippocampus
Peyman GOLSHANI (UCLA, CA, Los Angeles, US) – Structural background of autism spectrum disorder
Frank MADEO (University of Graz, Austria) – Polyamines, aging, and the mammalian brain

2003 – Interaction between GABA and the peptidergic system in the rodent lateral septum; role: research scientist, amount: 5.640 mHUF
2006 – Actin-binding proteins and their role in hippocampal plasticity, OTKA PF60416; role: PI; 12.328 mHUF
2011 – Ultrastructural and molecular characterization of hippocampal neurons responsible for metabolic and energy balance, OTKA K83830, role: PI; 22.801 mHUF