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Department of Internal Medicine (DIM)

+361 478 4132
+361 478 4100 / 8200
+361 478 4137
Head of Unit
Manczur Ferenc
1078 Budapest István u. 2.
Postal address
1400 Budapest Pf. 2
Building A I. Floor

History of the Department

The first lectures on internal medicine were given by Vilmos Zlamál in 1852, but a chair position for the field was established only some years later by Ákos Azary.

The golden age of the Department of Internal Medicine began in 1894 when Ferenc Hutyra, former rector of the school, became head of the clinic. Hutyra (head of dept. 1888-1900), József Marek (1901-1935) and Rezső Manninger wrote the famous “Internal Diseases and Special Therapy of Domestic Animals”, which was translated into 11 languages and became the standard textbook for internal veterinary medicine all over world. Later editions of the book included the contributions of János Mócsy (1935-1961), who followed Marek as head of the department. From the sixties Zoltán Horváth was chairing the department (1962-1984). During this time emphasis was mainly put on heard diseases of farm animals. Ferenc Karsai lead the department between 1984 and 1991. Development of new diagnostic techniques, intensifying of pathophysiological and clinical research, as well as more attention to the diseases of companion animals characterized this period. The latter tendencies were continued after this time, and till the today’s activities of the department. An important change in the department’s activity happened in 2001 when the new Clinic for Large Animal was opened 35 km away from the campus. Since then, clinical care of large animals and those of practical teaching are performed there. The Department and Clinic of Internal Medicine was lead by Károly Vörös between 1991 and 30. June 2017. By his guidance, several steps were made to develop clinical teaching and to increase the level of patient care as being the cornerstone of these activities. New diagnostic techniques have been introduced as well as high level of basic and applied research were performed.
The head of the department is Ferenc Manczur since 01. July, 2017.


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