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Vass-Bognár Barbara


Barbara Vass-Bognár

Veterinarian, Ruminant health specialist
Department of Animal Hygiene, Herd Health and Mobile Clinic
Position: department veterinarian
+36 1 478 4242/8507
Building J. 1st floor 106


Dr. Barbara Vass-Bognár was born in Kecskemét and spent her high school years at the Mihály Táncsics High School in Dabas. In 2016, he graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Szent István University with summa cum laude. After graduation, he spent half a year in Poland at the ruminant clinic of the University of Veterinary Medicine in Wrocław as part of the Erasmus + program, and after returning home he worked for a year on a large-scale dairy cattle farm, in addition to practicing in a mixed practice. In parallel with the start of his PhD, he worked as a consulting veterinarian in a private animal health laboratory, then, in addition to his mixed practice, he joined the Department of Animal Hygiene, Animal Health and Mobile Clinic in 2019, where he has since been actively involved in teaching, leading practices and conducting research in the Department. In 2021, he obtained a diploma in ruminant health at the University of Veterinary Medicine. Since 2023, after the birth of her child, she has been working part-time at the Department.

Reception hours: at a time agreed in advance by email


Main research areas:

  • herd health aspects of paratuberculosis infection in cattle
  • calf health


2017- PHD student

2019- department veterinarian

Number of thesis/TDK students to date: 2

Publication list (Top10)


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  2. Hejel, Péter ✉ ; Jurkovich, Viktor ; Bognár, Barbara ; Kovács, Péter ; Brydl, Endre ; Könyves, László Monitoring the redox status in dairy cows by using plasma dROMs, PAT, and OSI biomarkers ACTA VETERINARIA BRNO 90 : 2 pp. 125-134. , 10 p. (2021)
  1. B., Vass-Bognár ✉ ; Sz., Jánosi ; W., Baumgartner ; J. L., Khol ; V., Jurkovich A paratuberculosis diagnosztizálásának lehetőségei szarvasmarhában MAGYAR ÁLLATORVOSOK LAPJA 142 : 10 pp. 579-592. , 14 p. (2020)
  1. Bognár, Barbara ✉ ; Farkas, Klaudia ; Fornyos, Kinga ; Zrufkó, Réka ; Walter, Baumgartner ; Johannes, Lorenz Khol ; Jurkovich, Viktor A szarvasmarhák paratuberculosisa és az ember Crohn-betegsége közötti lehetséges kapcsolat MAGYAR ÁLLATORVOSOK LAPJA 141 : 11 pp. 659-675. , 17 p. (2019)
  2. Jurkovich, Viktor ; Bognár, Barbara ; Balogh, Krisztián ; Kovács-Weber, Mária ; Fornyos, Kinga ; Szabó, Rubina Tünde ; Kovács, Péter ; Könyves, László ; Mézes, Miklós Effects of subclinical Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis infection on some physiological parameters, health status and production in dairy cows ACTA VETERINARIA HUNGARICA 64 : 3 pp. 301-312. , 12 p. (2016)